Benefits of Joining

What do I get from STM?

STM provides our members many benefits. As global publishing changes, we strive to keep up with our members’ needs. Go to Joining STM to request more information or complete the application form.


Member Benefits

STM provides expert and vigorous representation and information on issues crucial to our members, helping them adapt and thrive in the changing global environment.

Global Publisher Advocacy - Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual Property Committee - maintaining a global watching brief over new or strategic issues that involve IP, legal challenges, or legislative intent, and which impact on the activities of STM publishers in their advancement of science
  • Alerting STM members to strategic risks and opportunities, and through expertise enabling advocacy through positions, submissions, and best practice statements, e.g. on Text and Data Mining, on preserving the record of science, on author and publisher rights for academic use
  • Tracking and engaging with specific cases and legislative challenges, looking for the best outcomes that strike a balance between risk and business opportunity, and seeking sustainable outcomes that support STM's role as a trusted partner, e.g. through our ongoing work on the STM Article Sharing Framework
  • Offering STM Permissions Guidelines on the re-use of limited amounts of material from published works which have helped STM member companies

Engaging in Global Advocacy - Scholarly Publishing and Open Science

  • Policy and Advocacy - advocating public policies that recognize and support the intellectual contribution of publishers in the usage, discovery, dissemination and preservation of global scientific knowledge
  • Working with national and international organisations, industries, research communities, governmental, professional and regulatory bodies, to promote the value that publishers add to scholarly communication
  • Keeping members informed and supporting individual engagement with data on the industry, messaging about publishing, collective statements, and materials to support advocacy

Standards & Technology

  • Via our annual STM Trends Editions STM identifies for all its members the major trends across the area of standards and technology that will impact scholarly communications over the next few years
  • Our Standards & Technology program facilitates members to join cutting edge initiatives such as for Single Sign-on, Seamless Access, Research Data, Transparent Peer Review, and Image Duplication Detection
  • STM members are being kept abreast via a high frequency, high-quality series of webinars, conferences and FutureLab meetings; do sign on!
  • Working with stakeholders ensuring that the publisher perspective is included in ongoing standards developments, like NISO, RDA, CrossRef, Codata, ICSTI, DataCite, WDS, Force11 and many more
  • STM offers operational solutions to its members via its  newly established entity STM Solutions where we develop and provide common infrastructure and shared digital services for publishers and other stakeholders in scholarly communication. Working closely together with the Standards & Technology Executive Committee and STM members, we actively seek opportunities where collaboration can lead to cost efficiencies, accelerated innovation and better outcomes. Our current focus areas range from easing access to scholarly content, to developing tools that help ensure trust and quality in scholarly communication, to furthering Open Science.

Outreach Programmes

  • It has never been more important for the scholarly publishing community to strive for greater equity and inclusion in the global research communication landscape.  STM is a signatory to the SDG Publishers’ Compact and provides crucial support to the Research4Life programme by funding the Publisher Coordinator post.
  • STM co-published a White Paper on how to achieve an equitable transition to Open Access for researchers in Lower and Middle-Income Countries and regularly speaks on this subject at industry events and with member publishers.

Keeping Current

  • Keeping members up-to-date and informed through regularly communications activities include the STM Membership Matters Newsletter which provides members with in-depth briefings, data and trends
  • Members Only. Through our website and Members Area, we provide members with briefings on copyright, public policy and legal matters
  • Offering members the opportunity to post Industry Jobs.   

Conferences, Seminars and Training

  • STM Events - Global events that offer insights, analysis, and networking for senior executives, middle and junior managers. Events are discounted for members
  • Annual Spring and Autumn Conferences with satellite meetings held in the U. S and Frankfurt - both are 'must-attend' events!
  • Running exceptional, industry-leading courses based on real-world scenarios such as the STM Intensive Journal Publishing Course

Representing Your Needs

  • Members represent their needs and interests through the STM Board, working groups and committees: Strategic Communications, Intellectual Property, Future Lab, Membership, Policy & Advocacy and Standards & Technology