Text and Data Mining: STM Statement & Sample Licence

15 March 2012. STM’s Legal Affairs Committee provides a short Summary Statement on Text and Data Mining (TDM) as well as a sample licence that can be used for a variety of TDM purposes (whether stand alone, project by project, or as part of a larger content subscription arrangement.

The Seminar run in conjunction with the Copyright Clearance Center and the participation of the PDR showed that TDM is rapidly becoming the norm for STM publishers using text and data mining to improve, add structure and enrich their content offerings. TDM involves a combination of resources from various stakeholders and in an optimised environment brings together large series of corpuses of standardised or normalised text and data.

The Seminar confirmed the view to participants that the complexity of stakeholder interests and commitments means that no one solution that is imposed externally can be effective, whether by way of national exceptions or otherwise: solutions must therefore be worked out by multi-stakeholder dialogues which respect stakeholders’ interests, are conducted in a transparent manner and aim at models that are simple and scalable.

Text and Data Mining Declaration

Sample Licence Text Data Mining

STM Summary Statement Text Data Mining

Sample license for Text and Data Mining of subscribed copyright
Publishing Sector Proposal for a Sample Licence Clause for Text and Data Mining (TDM) of subscribed copyright-protected works and materials
Text and Data Mining – presentation (May 2013)

A Dummies Guide to TDM - Commissioned by the Publishing Research Consortium PRC

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