Seamless Access is a joint STM - NISO initiative aimed at optimizing protocols across key stakeholder groups, with a goal of facilitating a seamless user experience for consumers of scientific communication. In addition, this comprehensive initiative is working to solve long-standing, complex, and broadly distributed challenges in the areas of network security and user privacy. Community conversations and consensus building to engage all stakeholders is currently underway in order to explore potential alternatives to IP-authentication, and to build momentum toward testing alternatives among researcher, customer, vendor, and publisher partners.

Why SeamlessAccess?

SeamlessAccess’s mission is to align and simplify pathways to subscribed content across participating scientific platforms. SeamlessAccess will address the common problems users face when interacting with multiple and varied information protocols.

SeamlessAccess recognizes Researcher requirements for:

  • Seamless access to subscribed resources, from any device, from any location, from any starting point
  • A consistent, intuitive user experience across resources
  • Increased security for management of personal data
  • Streamlined text and data mining

SeamlessAccess recognizes Resource Provider objectives to:

  • Provide individualized and differentiated access for better reporting to governing bodies and clients
  • Offer personalised services to accelerate insight and discovery
  • Ensure the integrity of content on both institutional and commercial platforms

SeamlessAccess recognizes Customer responsibilities to:

  • Minimise the administrative burden of providing access to authorised user communities
  • Maximise the use of the resources purchased
  • Protect the privacy of user communities and advocate for their security

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