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STM Membership Fees & Policies - 2024

1. Regular and Associate fee categories based on revenue in Euros (€) per organisation per year


Fee Category Annual Revenue (€ millions)

Fees 2024 (€)

FC0 Under 1m 835
 FC1 1.00 to 2.499m 2,030
 FC2 2.50 to 6.99m 3,345
 FC3 7.00 to 14.99m 6,800
 FC4 15.00 to 29.99m 10,040
 FC5 30.00 to 44.99 15,355

45.00 to under 55m

  Over 55m but under 600m Formula 1 below 
  Over 600m Formula 2 below 
FCX 0.04% of revenue 835 min to 15,355 max

2.   Fees

Regular membership fees are based on all revenues from primary or secondary/database or tertiary publishing (books and journals) in the fields of pure and applied science, technology, medicine, social and behavioural sciences and humanities: that is, all academic and professional/reference level publishing. Any company revenue outside of these guidelines are not included in the member fee category.

Associate member fees are based on the organisation’s global revenues that are focused on the scholarly publishing industry.

3.   Fee Categories & Calculations

Member companies and associate members must confirm that the fees paid reflect their revenue as outlined above.

Companies with revenue in the range €55m – 600m

Formula 1:

Fee = 115 x (Revenue [in € millions] – 55) + 28,500.  


  • Revenue is €385m. Base fee for 55m is €28,500.
  • 115 x (€385 – 55) = €37,3950
  • €37,950 + €28,500 (base fee)= €66,450 Annual Fee

Companies with revenues above €600m

Formula 2 

Fee – 115 x (Revenue [in €millions] – 600) + 97,000.

Formula 2 is applied to the first €600m of revenue which gives €97,000 as a base.

For each million euros above the €600m add an additional €115m


  • Revenue is €650m. Base fee for 600m is €97,000
  • 115 x (€650-600)= €5,750
  • €5,750 + €97,000 (base fee)= €102,750 Annual Fee

Associate Members (FCX)

Formula 3:

The fee is the greater of €835 or 0.04% of revenue up to a maximum of €15,355.


  • Revenue is €124m.  0.04% of revenue = €124,000,000 x 0.0004 = €49,600.

       This is above the maximum - so fee is €15,355.

  • For a company with revenues of €5m: 5,000,000 x 0.0004 = €2,000. So fee is €2,000.
  • For a company with revenues of €1m: 1,000,000 x 0.0004 = €400.

       This is below the minimum so fee is €835.00.

4.    Payment Policy

Annual invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date.

Annual membership in STM runs from January through December.  The membership fee is charged based on when a company becomes a member:

  • 100% fee from 1 January until 31 March
  • 75% fee from 1 April - 30 June
  • 50% fee from 1 July - 31 October
  • 25% fee from 1 November - 31 December. This fee applies on the condition that the company agrees to be invoiced for the following year's membership fee.

For those companies with an annual revenue of less than €1 million:

  • 100% fee from 1 January – 31 October
  • 25% fee from 1 November until 31 December.   This fee applies on the condition that the company agrees to be invoiced for the following year's membership fee.

5.   Membership Cancellation

Members who wish to retire from the Association at the end of a calendar year are bound by the By-laws (art. 3) to notify the Secretariat in writing before November 1st.

6.   Inform STM

  • Members are expected to put the STM Secretariat on their mailing list for address changes and all other relevant information.
  • Members will regularly submit suggestions for action or research, if necessary.
  • Members are expected to participate in enquiries and surveys conducted by questionnaire. If they cannot or do not wish to respond, they are expected to inform the STM Secretariat.

7.   Classes of Membership

In accordance with the decisions of the STM Board and approved by the STM Annual General Meeting (AGM) the following classes of membership are recognized:

a. Regular members

Regular members have voting rights and pay standard fees. Regular members are:

  • STM publishing companies
  • Professional (legal) and scholarly publishers
  • Learned societies with publishing activities
  • Secondary publishers

b. Associate members

Associate membership is a non-voting membership open to subscription agents, consultancies and any publishing related company which is not itself a publisher. Associate members pay a fee the greater of €835 or 0.04% of revenue, up to maximum of €15,355

  • Subscription agents
  • Consultancies
  • Publishing related companies

c. Corresponding members

Corresponding members have no voting rights and no dues are payable.  It is an informal, reciprocal arrangement to exchange information where appropriate and to provide attendance at certain events.

  • User Groups
  • National PA’s

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