Early Career Coffee Breaks

In these socially-distant times, we believe it is more important to stay connected than ever before. We understand that this crisis poses many uncertainties and challenges, especially to early careers who depend on events or in-person programs to network and expand their knowledge of the industry. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. So, ECPC is pleased to announce a new, virtual networking programme to help people connect with their peers: Early Career Coffee Breaks.

If you’ve been missing your day-to-day interactions with colleagues in the office, or else longing for a change in your social interaction habits, this program is the perfect opportunity to try something a little bit innovative with us. Take a break, throw on a button-down over your pyjama pants, and join us for a coffee from the comfort of your own home.

What is it?

Early Career Coffee Breaks is a new kind of networking program that is completely virtual. Participants will be randomly placed in small groups of 3-4 people from different areas in the industry. This scheme will introduce you to early careers working at different companies, in different departments, and even from different countries. It is an opportunity to ask questions, share what you know, and meet some new people.

How do I participate?

Please register your interest by completing our brief Google Form. We welcome all peers from across the industry. Please note that—while participation in this scheme is voluntary—we do expect submissions to be backed by a fair level of commitment. If you submit, change your mind, and flake on the group you’ve been paired with, that’s no fun for anyone involved.

Who is eligible to participate?

Everyone! We welcome early careers from all backgrounds, departments, companies, and countries. One of the benefits of these breaks being virtual is that it enables us to break down the pre-existing barrier of geographical difference, which would usually only be mitigated by conferences. Preference regarding time zones will be taken in to account on the submission form to ensure that all coffee breaks can occur at a reasonable hour. Conversations will be conducted in English.

The form asks if I would like to be a facilitator. What is that?

In an effort to keep things running smoothly, there will be one facilitator in each networking group. Facilitators are early careers just like yourself who are responsible for taking the lead on pinning down a time for the session, kicking off introductions, fostering conversation (if necessary!) and wrapping up the session at the end. It is a completely voluntary role. The number of facilitators we will need is based on overall interest in the event, so not all participants who express their interest may be selected for the role.

ECPC will provide guidelines, conversation starters, and best-practice tips for all facilitators before connecting groups.

I filled out the form. What happens now?

ECPC will be in touch soon to confirm your group placement, provide an introduction, and make some recommendations on when to meet. Once you have received this introduction, the rest is in your hands. We trust that your group will communicate and find a time that suits you.

Organising coffee breaks:

We recommend you schedule in at least a half hour to have enough time to truly connect, get to know each other, and swap industry knowledge. Your meeting can take place at any point within the two-week coffee break period. If time zones require you to meet later in the day, do not feel constrained by the theme; host a virtual cocktail hour instead.


  • Sign-up Period: Monday, May 18th-Friday, May 29th
  • Groups formed and introduction emails sent by ECPC: June 1-5th
  • Coffee Breaks Run: Monday, June 8th-Friday, June 19th
  • Recommended duration: 30 minutes

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