Working Group on Peer Review Taxonomy

STM recognises a need for identifying and standardising definitions and terminology in (open) peer review practices. A Peer Review Taxonomy that is used across publishers will help make the peer review process for articles as well as for books more transparent. When included in the information provided for journals or book publishers, it will also enable the community to better assess and compare peer review practices between different journals and books.

With this background, STM has set up a working group to develop such standardised definitions and associated best practice recommendation, to be widely supported by publishers and other scholarly stakeholders. In addition, the working group should develop a full proposal of actions for broad implementation of the terminology across STM publishers.

A first draft of the proposed taxonomy is expected to be shared for consultation in the summer of 2020


Caroline Black, Publishing Director for STM Journals, Cambridge University Press
Maria Kowalczuk, Research Integrity Manager, Springer Nature
Sabina Alam, Director, Publishing Ethics & Integrity, Taylor & Francis
Elizabeth Moylan, Publisher, Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics, Wiley
Lois Jones, Peer Review manager, American Psychological Association
Bahar Mehmani, Reviewer Experience Lead, Elsevier
Joris van Rossum, STM (project lead)

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