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Integrity Hub continues to gain momentum with inclusion of PubPeer database in screening tool


STM Solutions and PubPeer are pleased to announce the integration of the PubPeer database with the STM Integrity Hub. This newest collaboration continues to strengthen the Hub's ability to identify potentially deceptive manuscripts upon submission, and comes directly on the heels of another integration announced earlier this month. Designed by STM Solutions, the Hub represents...

Global Publishing and Journalism Organizations Unite to Release Comprehensive Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Today, STM joins 26 organizations representing thousands of creative professionals around the world, including the academic publishing sector, news, entertainment, magazine, and book publishing companies released Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI). A first of their kind, these pioneering Global Principles provide guidance for the development, deployment, and regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and...

STM Integrity Hub incorporates Clear Skies’ Papermill Alarm screening tool


STM Solutions and Clear Skies are pleased to announce the integration of the Clear Skies Papermill Alarm with the STM Integrity Hub. This integration further strengthens the Hub's capability to pinpoint potentially fraudulent manuscripts at the time of submission. Designed by STM Solutions, the Hub represents a pooling of new and existing technology, policy, and...

Research4Life & STM support Ukrainian science and research during conflict


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recently expressed its gratitude to STM’s publisher partners for allowing free access to over 42,000 peer-reviewed journals, 174,000 e-books, and 155 databases through the Research4Life program. In 2022, R4L publishers granted Ukrainian institutions free access under the Group A category of Research4Life. In a letter, the Temporary...

Peer Review Terminology Standardization


[Cross-posted from, July 2023] Peer review is the process of evaluating academic, scientific, or professional work. It is ubiquitously used by academic journals to support research integrity by filtering out invalid or poor-quality articles, as well as to ensure that research outcomes are exposed to relevant audiences through their publication in relevant journals. As...

STM welcomes Leila Jones


Leila Jones joins STM today as Director of Strategic Programmes. In this newly created role, Leila will facilitate the delivery of STM’s strategy by overseeing, coordinating, and tracking projects and initiatives across STM’s core strategic pillars. Leila will be collaborating with the STM Board, committee members, and STM staff across functions, as well as external...

Country Connectors Transform R4L’s Purpose


A challenge we face at Research4Life (R4L) is how to more deeply enable access to research across lower income countries to ensure greater participation in the global research community: from access, to publishing, and knowledge exchange. R4L enables 11,000 institutions in 125 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe to have free (or close to free) access...

STM’s SDG Roadmap is launched!


STM has released the first part of a new SDG Roadmap to guide publishers large and small in implementing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting sustainability more broadly. This dedicated toolkit of resources for scholarly publishers takes the potentially overwhelming framework of the SDGs and breaks it down into concrete steps. The roadmap...

STM joins Year of Open Science


In accordance with STM’s mission to advance credible and accessible research, STM has joined a coalition of US federal agencies, organizations, and universities in supporting the Year of Open Science and NASA’s Transform to Open Science initiative.  As a part of the coalition, STM and other member organizations commit to transforming the culture of science...

STM in China | June 2023


Where in the world is Caroline? This June, Caroline Sutton, STM's CEO, journeyed to China for two conferences, meetings and discussions around the ways we can best advance trusted research around the globe. Here, she lends a quick summary from the (windy!) Great Wall.    After a three-year pause due to the pandemic, the Beijing...



September 12

6th JST -STM Seminar

The transformation in scholarly publishing: Open Access – future policy developments in Japan and practical experiences from implementation Save the date for Tuesday, 1st November 2023 - more details will follow soon.  Transformation of the scholarly publishing system has been happening for some decades on many fronts – including the progression and implementation of Open Access...


September 12

STM Week Innovations Day 2023 | Calling Innovators

  Seeking AI trailblazers and pioneers Calling all innovators: the ones boldly developing AI solutions to help transform scholarly communications. If you are a start-up, or an established player with an innovative new concept or product: We'd like to hear from you!  What's this about? STM champions technologists, companies and start-ups that adance trusted research...


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