to equip the scholarly communication community with data, intelligence, and technology to protect research integrity.

The hub exists to:

Spark + Sustain Collaboration

across publishers by allowing individuals and organizations from across the publishing ecosystem to come together. The first of its kind, the STM Integrity Hub is built from ground up to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration through legally compliant: 

  • Knowledge and idea exchange
  • Development of voluntary policies, guidelines and frameworks
  • Cooperative innovation
  • Secure, safeguarded content submissions

Uphold Research Integrity

by detecting manuscripts found to violate accepted research integrity standards, serving as an ‘early warning system’ for integrity issues by analyzing manuscripts for submitted publication to participating scholarly journals, through:

  • Technology and screening infrastructure
  • Secure, protected environment that protects data privacy and is consistent with competition laws
  • Policies + frameworks
  • A modular platform to safeguard research integrity for all

Empower Publishers of Any Kind

to easily come together for the sole purpose of protecting the scientific record. The STM Integrity Hub is an accessible and secure means to identify manuscripts that violate accepted research integrity standards before getting further into the publication cycle and ecosystem — legally, adequately and efficiently.

  • Saved time and resources 
  • Easy access to sharable information, data and tools
  • Helpful resources to get started
  • Collaboration between publishers of all sorts, shapes and sizes 
  • A means to influence change — protect the scholarly record, for all.

Enable Rapid Responses

to new threats through a flexible, innovative system architecture — a hub — that integrates with a wide range of specific and individually chosen screening tools. This supports versatility and adaptability to respond as new threats arise. This is accomplished through:

  • Flexible system architecture
  • Ease of integration with other systems + tools
  • A scalable, versatile framework

Video Library

Image alteration and duplication in scientific publications — Module 1

The first in a series of instructional videos scholarly journal editors can use to learn how to better screen for manipulated images in submitted manuscripts.

In December of 2022, we compiled information from four providers: ImageTwin, Proofig, FigCheck and Imacheck. We set out to create an informative source of information for publishers about available tools and services. Please note that STM did not validate the claims made in this overview. 

Integrity Hub Launch

Catch the initial webinar reveal of the STM Integrity Hub on April 28 2022 — where we offer an introduction, a demonstration and panel discussion.

“No single publisher will be able to solve this problem alone. We arrive at better, more affordable solutions when we share resources and expertise. This is why we created the Integrity Hub.”

Joris van Rossum,
Director of Research Integrity, STM

Collaboration is at the core.

The STM Integrity Hub has been founded by STM members committed to research integrity. Its architecture is designed to evolve and grow as new data, standards and resources are added, consistent with applicable laws, data privacy and competition law. The STM Integrity Hub is developed by STM Solutions, the standards and technology enabling operational arm of STM.