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Member Resources

Sustainable Development Goals Online

Taylor & Francis Group 

SDG Resource Centre 

Leading-edge information on the Sustainable Development Goals ( | Elsevier

SDG Report 2020

pdf | Elsevier

Navigating the Structure of Research 

on Sustainable Development Goals | Clarivate

Contextualizing Sustainable Development Research

This report highlights the growth in research around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) | DigitalScience

Member Initiatives and Acts of Support

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Get up on speed on what STM members are doing to take Action on Climate Change


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Participating Forum Members

  • Dana Compton, ASCE 
  • Domiziana Francescon, Elsevier Foundation 
  • Vicky Gardner, T&F 
  • Emma Gulseven, IWA Publishing 
  • Catherine Hodgson, T&F 
  • Claire Jackson, Emerald 
  • Nicola Jones, Springer Nature 
  • Arend Kuester, Springer Nature 
  • Liz Martin, IoPP 
  • Rachel Martin, Elsevier 
  • Harp Minhas, Royal Society of Chemistry 
  • Sarah Phibbs, STM/R4L 
  • Jon Ray, Wiley 
  • Andrew Robinson, CABI 
  • Kathleen Schwendt, Hogrefe 
  • Maria Stubenitzky, Hogrefe 
  • Jo Wixon, Wiley
  • Dominique de Roo, Brill
  • Mark Walford, SAGE
  • Sally Wilson, Emerald

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