Publishers respond

It has been a year since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. To mark the date, STM would like to publicly re-affirm our support of Ukraine. The letter of support to those impacted by the violence, that we shared last year, remains equally applicable today.

All of our members, regardless of size, ownership structure or discipline, remain deeply concerned about the crisis and what it entails for human life and the peaceful exchange of knowledge. Publisher responses vary, yet all remain committed to the ideals of science and scholarship as a global community. 


OPEN/SHIFT is sold out

Our annual STM conference in Frankfurt is at capacity — two weeks in advance! This is proof-positive that we’re on a roll. We’re gaining momentum in our mission to advance trusted research — together. We can’t wait to see you there on 16-17 October. 

Latest news

Integrity Hub continues to gain momentum with inclusion of PubPeer database in screening tool

STM Solutions and PubPeer are pleased to announce the integration of the PubPeer database with the STM Integrity Hub. This newest collaboration continues to strengthen the Hub’s ability to identify potentially deceptive manuscripts upon submission, and comes directly on the heels of another integration announced earlier this month. Read the full announcement.

STM Integrity Hub incorporates Clear Skies' Papermill Alarm screening tool

STM Solutions and Clear Skies are pleased to announce the integration of the Clear Skies Papermill Alarm with the STM Integrity Hub. This integration further strengthens the Hub’s capability to pinpoint potentially fraudulent manuscripts at the time of submission. Designed by STM Solutions, the Hub represents a pooling of new and existing technology, policy, and best practices to further safeguard research integrity. Keep reading.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recently expressed its gratitude to STM’s publisher partners for allowing free access to over 42,000 peer-reviewed journals, 174,000 e-books, and 155 databases through the Research4Life program. Learn more.

SDG Roadmap

STM has released the first part of a new SDG Roadmap to guide publishers large and small in implementing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting sustainability more broadly. This dedicated toolkit of resources for scholarly publishers takes the potentially overwhelming framework of the SDGs and breaks it down into concrete steps. Read on

STM welcomes Lelia Jones

In a newly created role, Leila will serve as STM’s Director of Strategic Programmes, facilitating the delivery of STM’s strategy by overseeing, coordinating, and tracking projects and initiatives across STM’s core strategic pillars. Leila will be collaborating with the STM Board, committee members, and STM staff across functions, as well as external stakeholders. Learn more

Ithaka S+R releases draft report on shared scholarly infrastructure

Ithaka S+R, with sponsorship from STM, has released a draft of ‘The Second Digital Transformation of Scholarly Publishing’ and made it available for public comment. The paper, which was preceded by a landscaping study released earlier this year, focuses on exploring the current ecosystem of scholarly communications infrastructure — what is and isn’t working and where needs/gaps exist. Feedback will be accepted through Aug 31. The final report is scheduled for release in October. Read the draft at Ithaka S+R.

STM joins Year of Open Science

In accordance with STM’s mission to advance credible and accessible research, STM has joined a coalition of federal agencies, organizations, and universities in supporting the Year of Open Science and NASA’s Transform to Open Science initiative. Learn more.

STM Trends 2027 is now live!

In the scholarly publishing world, spring brings the annual return of STM Trends, a future-forward look at the entire ecosystem of scholarly communications by members of the STM Association. STM Trends captures the most impactful changes in research and publishing in a single themed image. What’s in store for 2027? Take a look.


Looking ahead

Today, the Council Conclusions on high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy, and equitable scholarly publishing were adopted by EU Ministers at the COMPET Council. STM calls on the European Commission and EU Member States to consult with scholarly publishers of all sizes, disciplines and models and seek a constructive collaboration that will allow the publishing industry to keep delivering value and quality to the European society, economy and research community. Read our response in full.

New landscaping study maps “common scholarly communications infrastructure”

Ithaka S+R, with sponsorship from STM, has just released an independent landscape review of “Common Scholarly Communications Infrastructure,” which will inform a white paper they will publish later this year. The white paper, an exploration of the current and future ecosystem of scholarly communications infrastructure, will look at what is and isn’t working in terms of current infrastructure and where needs/gaps exist — and include recommendations for where additional investment may be considered. Download the landscape review at Ithaka S+R. 

STM Solutions releases MVP of new paper mill detection tool

The Hague, April 14, 2023 — Today, STM Solutions, the operational arm of STM, announced the release of the MVP (minimal viable product) of a paper mill detection tool as part of the STM Integrity Hub. It is a stand-alone web application where submitted journal manuscripts can be uploaded and checked for a variety of signals indicative of paper mills. Read the press release.

A rich source of OA data on the publishing industry

Publishers have worked to rapidly expand opportunities to publish OA by providing new pathways, developing new business models, and facilitating other collaborations and initiatives that support Open Science. STM developed an OA dashboard as a resource for all those seeking to learn more about how this is playing out in the choices authors are making. Jump to the dashboard and if you’d like to learn more about STM’s position on OA, scoot over here.

New white paper to report on current ecosystem of scholarly communications infrastructure

STM Solutions  has provided sponsorship to enable Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit higher education research and consulting organization, to research and produce a white paper that examines the shared and essential scholarly communications infrastructure. Keep reading.

New report provides insights into global OA landscape — and with a focus on China

Open Access Publishing in China 2022 provides insights into the complex and evolving global Open Access landscape — and with a particular focus on China. The report is a product of a collaboration between STM Association and the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) focused on the bilateral sharing of ideas and best practices in OA publishing. Read the English press release in full | Download the report — English | Chinese

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Academic publishers have a unique opportunity to work collaboratively in order to accelerate actions and advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with potential to develop industry standards, key projects, new collaborations and other initiatives. And so we are. Learn more and join us in advancing UN SDGs.