STM 2024 Board Election

Nominations for STM Board seats has now begun.  Please visit  There are five seats available:

  • Three 'Undesignated'
  • One 'Small Company'
  • One 'Medium Company'

Please refer to Item C, Articles 11-16 of the STM By-Laws which explains the definition of the seats and provides details of the responsibilities of becoming an STM Board Member (  There are usually 4 Board meetings per annum with the option of virtual attendance.

Designated and Undesignated Seats

  • A “Designated” seat candidate (“Small Company” and “Medium Company”) may choose to simultaneously stand for election as an “Undesignated” candidate.
  • A candidate who chooses to stand for both an “Undesignated” and a “Designated” seat must be nominated and seconded for each seat separately.
  • The same individual(s) who has nominated and/or seconded an individual’s candidacy for a “Designated” seat may also nominate and/or second that individual’s candidacy for an “Undesignated” seat.

Nomination, Approval, and Seconding Procedures

If you are employed by an STM publishing member company (regular) you can be nominated by another person who is employed by an STM publishing member company or nominate yourself. In either case, the nominee is responsible to secure a second for his/her nomination from another individual who is also employed by an STM publishing member company.

The candidate must receive approval for his/her candidacy from the Head of Member Organisation (the most senior executive of the publishing enterprise,) as recognized by STM before being put on the ballot.

For the current composition of the STM Board, please visit:

From June through August, nominations ensue, votes are cast, and newly elected members are announced in mid-September. The elected Board members will be introduced and results ratified at the 14 October 2024 AGM.

The 2024 STM Election Oversight Committee

  • Ella Colvin, Cambridge University Press (Chair)
  • Miriam Maus, IOP Publishing
  • Nandita Quaderi, Clarivate

If you are considering standing and have questions or concerns, please contact Kim Beadle to discuss ways that STM can help.