Task & Finish Group (TFG) on implementation of Article 4 of the 2019 EU Directive for Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM)

This is a technical group working on recommendations for the STM membership on ways to implement the DSM’s Article 4 requirements and ensuring that content is protected from unwanted commercial use for Text and Data Mining (TDM) purposes. This is especially relevant in the content of AI. The group builds on the work done on the TDMrep protocol in the context of the W3C community group.

Participating publishers

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Psychological Association
  • Elsevier
  • Highwire
  • IEEE
  • JAMA
  • Springer Nature
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Wiley

You can find a Technical Summary and the full recommendations for all STM members to implement, as deemed necessary, at this link. Non-members can access the technical Summary here.