Industry Events

31st May - 2nd June 2023
Society for Scholarly Publishing

31st May 2023 - 3 pm Turkey, 1 pm UK
EASE - Editorial School for Journal Editors

1st June 2023 - 9 am-12.30 pm Turkey time, 7 am-10.30 am UK time
EASE - Workshop: Publication Ethics

1st-3rd June 2023
17th EASE General Assembly and Conference

19th - 23rd June 2023
JOSS - Japan Open Science Summit

22nd - 23rd June 2023
Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (ALAI)

13th - 15th September 2023
ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards 2023

19th - 21st September 2023
Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA)

18th - 22nd October 2023
Frankfurt Bookfair

20th - 22nd November 2023
Digital Change (MPDL)

2nd - 5th June 2024
8th WCRI World Conference on Research Integrity

September 2025
10th Peer Review Congress

Corresponding Members Industry Events


7th & 8th June
How Publishing Ethics can Nurture Trust in Scholarly Publishing

12th-13th June
Introduction to Journals Marketing

20th & 21st June
Creating an Inclusive Culture

21st & 22nd June
Building Strategies for Managing Partnerships and Institutional eBook Sales

27th & 29th June
Understanding Copyright

28th & 29th June
Journal Financial Strategy for Non-financial Managers

10th-13th July
Publishers Going Agile

5th September
Strategy and Pricing for Open-Access Journals

13th - 15th September 2023
ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards 2023

19th & 20th September
Commissioning Content: Working with authors and editors

26th & 27th September
Books in the Data-Driven World: Commissioning, marketing and understanding their impact

27th & 28th September
Product Development in Publishing: Mastering the fundamentals to ensure product success

3rd & 4th October
Effective Social Media for Scholarly Publishers

4th & 5th October
The Peer Review Process: Mastering the fundamentals

10th & 11th October (NEW). Booking is opening soon!
Attracting and Retaining Quality Content

11th & 12th October
Managing and Influencing your Editorial Board

31st October & 1st November (NEW)
Effective Recruitment, Development, and Retention

7th & 8th November
Effective Journal Publishing

13th-16th November
Lean Six Sigma White Belt: Introduction to process improvement tools and methods

20th-22nd November
Selling to Libraries, Academics, and Institutions

28th & 29th November
Advanced Journal Development: Strategic development for managers

30th November & 7th December
Introduction to People Management in Publishing

5th & 6th December (NEW)
Improving Usage and Engagement through Successful Marketing Techniques