STM Solutions

STM Solutions leads on the development and operation of forward-thinking shared infrastructure and collaborative services to support STM members and the wider scholarly communications community.


Why STM Solutions?

Because there is so much we can achieve by working together! At STM we see a growing number of challenges within our sector that can only be solved by working collaboratively to adopt common solutions and best practices – not just to be more efficient, but also to be faster and more agile in utilizing technology to realize positive outcomes for the wider scholarly community.

A good example of this is research integrity: Many of the challenges that publishers are facing to ensure the integrity of the scholarly record (for example detecting and counteracting image or data manipulation) can be tackled much more effectively by working together: sharing knowledge and expertise, training algorithms on larger data sets, and reducing barriers and inefficiencies. STM Solutions accelerates such collaborative efforts and offers a home for prototyping, evaluation and operation of new services.

How is STM solutions organized?

STM Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of STM and is accountable to the STM Board. A portfolio board is responsible for the overall project and service portfolio management, working very closely with STM’s Standards and Technology Executive Committee (STEC).

Access Cluster
This cluster focuses on reducing barriers for researchers to access trustworthy scholarly content – improving the access user journey and optimizing pathways towards the version of record. Work in this cluster builds upon the foundations established by GetFTR and STM’s participation in the SeamlessAccess coalition. STM Solutions’ support for Distributed Usage Logging (DUL) also falls in this cluster.

Incubator Cluster
The Incubator Cluster works hand-in-glove with STM’s Standards and Technology Executive Committee (STEC) to develop viable innovation concepts into prototypes, pilots and operational services.

Project Cluster
STM Solutions supports related cross-publisher initiatives with technology and product management advice and leadership.

STM Integrity Hub
In close collaboration with many STM members, STM Solutions is developing a powerful new platform to detect integrity issues in manuscripts submitted for publication to scholarly journals.



  • Caroline Sutton, Chief Executive Officer
  • Hylke Koers, Chief Information Officer


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