Public Affairs Resources

The Public Affairs committee have provided the following resources:

Access Statement

At a strategy meeting members in 2010, STM developed new positions on access which inform all policies going forward.

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Brussels Declaration

Based on over ten years experience in the economics of online publishing and our longstanding collaboration with researchers and librarians, we have decided to publish a declaration of principles which we believe to be self-evident.

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Open Science

STM Position Paper on Open Science

“Open Science” is a broad umbrella term used to describe a change in the way in which science is conducted, including the use of technology to make the practice of research more collaborative and open.

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PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research) is a three year project supported by the EC eContentplus programme aimed at improving understanding of the effects of the large scale deposit of stage two (accepted) manuscripts in open access repositories (Green Open Access).

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Publishers Support Sustainable Open Access

Publishers are committed to the widest possible dissemination of and access to the content they publish. We support any and all sustainable models of access that ensure the integrity and permanence of the scholarly record.

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Text and Data Mining – TDM

What is text and data mining? Why do people want to do text mining? How does it work? What are publishers doing to support text and data-mining mining?

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