Standards & Technology

In our efforts for Open Science, STM coordinates and supports an active program on Standards and Technology.

The projects in this area focus on best practices for Research Data, tools that help check Research Integrity, terminology to foster Transparent Peer Review, standards for Single Sign-on Protocols to achieve Seamless Access, and defining principles for AI ethics. And more. The portfolio is guided in its activities by a Standards and Technology Executive Committee (10 members). A Future Lab Forum (35 members) serves as a broader sounding board and contributes the input for the annual edition of the STM Tech Trends.
In addition to that, the STEC keeps track of important standards and technology developments in the wider publishing industry, provides input for standardization efforts and policy consultations, tracks the publishing participation in various standards bodies and prompts members and the STM Board on important developments in this area.

Every spring, the scholarly publishing community eagerly awaits the arrival of STM Trends — a snapshot of the most significant developments in research and publishing — captured via a single themed image. The dual nature of things — the coexistence of advancements and challenges, the presence of both good and evil, and the occurrence of both progress and setbacks — conjured up the metaphor of the ancient game of Snakes and Ladders. More than 2000 years old, the game was invented in India to teach children about virtues and vices, destiny and desire, good and bad karma. All the good deeds we do, take us closer to the top (ladders), whereas evil makes us slip downwards (snakes, leading us to lower levels for rebirth). Original name: Moksha Patam. View our latest: STM Trends 2027 | Level Up