The Early Career Publishers Committee, is comprised of publishers from STM member companies interested in promoting outreach and engagement with entry level and experienced publishers.

We’re interested in learning more about you, your career and your aspirations within the publishing industry in order to tailor our offer directly to your need.

For more information on the Committee, please contact Caroline Sutton

    • Bod Adegboyega, Springer Nature
    • Sara Bosshart, Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Emma Buckingham, IWAP Publishing
    • Charlotte Bruce, Springer Nature
    • Melissa Close, Emerald
    • Elizabeth Detisova, Springer Nature (SSP ECSC liaison)
    • Kayla Dos Santos, Elsevier
    • Erin Foley, Copyright Clearance Center (Chair)
    • Samuel Goodchild, Springer Nature
    • Fran Lake, British Society for Rheumatology
    • Freya Leask, Future Science Group
    • Chris McEntee, Cambridge University Press
    • Jason Mitchell, Elsevier
    • Rachel Moriarty, Oxford University Press 
    • Naamah Maundrell, Future Science Group
    • Mikiko Senda, Wiley
    • Caroline Sutton, STM
    • Qiuwan Zhuang, IoP Publishing


The STM Early Career Publishers Committee operates four topic-specific subgroups 
(Career Development, Outreach, Mentoring and Graduate Publishing)
View the ECPC Sub-groups here