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This Year's Theme

Three main strands

Central to this theme are three main tenets — key factors that underpin this year’s story. 

Humans and Machines

The rise of generative AI marks a new chapter in the ongoing narrative of technology’s impact on research and scholarly communication, introducing unprecedented questions, possibilities, and challenges. How will humans and machines work alongside each other to curate the scholarly record in 2028? Will AI be weaponized to pollute the scholarly record and fan the flames of disinformation? Or will AI help us to bring trusted research into the hands of the public and policy-makers?


Sources of Truth & Trust

In a world where humans and machines build and interact with the scholarly record in many different processes and novel workflows — how do we know what is real and what’s been fabricated? What can be trusted? Who can be trusted? This year’s Trends explores these questions in a world where traditional peer-review is supplemented by automated checks — and trust is a quality that flows between nodes in an ever-evolving scholarly network.



The highly complex, networked future that is envisioned in this year’s STM Trends is not a naïve technological utopia. Paper mills and other actors will find clever ways to apply technology for personal gain, introducing misinformation and disinformation that fuel mistrust in science. Looking at the world around us, geopolitical tensions will also have an impact on the research enterprise, risking fragmentation. Will age-old beacons of trust, stability and cohesion be able to keep us together?

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