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STM Trends 2028 is now live

[Excerpted from the Scholarly Kitchen, April 24, 2024 by Todd Carpenter]

Flourishing in a Machine-intermediated World: The STM Trends Report

When some of the leading technology minds in scholarly publishing gather each fall to polish their crystal orbs, the outcome has always been an invigorating and enlightening experience. This year, it has proved no different. At the STM Conference in Washington, DC today, the new STM Trends 2028 was released. Rather than focusing strictly on technology and its implications, the group took a slightly broader view, and included a more diverse pool of participants. Members not only of the STM Standards and Technology Committee, but also representatives from the Open ResearchResearch Integrity, and Social Responsibility committees, as well as a number of journal editors engaged in the process. The output is a vision of a world where humans and machines are integrated and engaged to support researchers as they navigate an increasingly complex world that is both analog and digital.

Prior to the start of the meeting in London in December, participants began with an exercise focused on envisioning headlines from the year 2028. In the meeting, the group dug deeper into the trends and issues that might face our community toward the end of the 2020s. As we think about where we are, how things will change and what might be of interest to those in the future, the resultant perspective adds value to the output, which is now available on the STM website

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