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It has been a year since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. To mark the date, STM would like to publicly re-affirm our support of Ukraine. The letter of support to those impacted by the violence, that we shared last year, remains equally applicable today.

All of our members, regardless of size, ownership structure or discipline, remain deeply concerned about the crisis and what it entails for human life and the peaceful exchange of knowledge. Publisher responses vary, yet all remain committed to the ideals of science and scholarship as a global community. 


STM US Annual Conference 2023 | April 26-27

We’re convening individuals and organisations committed to advancing trusted research — academic publishers, learned societies, funders, university presses, government bodies and innovators — from across the globe for two days of inspired networking, learning and ideation. Will you join us?


Latest news

New white paper to report on current ecosystem of scholarly communications infrastructure

STM Solutions  has provided sponsorship to enable Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit higher education research and consulting organization, to research and produce a white paper that examines the shared and essential scholarly communications infrastructure. Keep reading.

STM Solutions in search of a Product Manager of ‘Access & Identity Solutions’

STM Solutions is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead the development and implementation of cross-industry solutions that improve the access experience for researchers and that support new modalities for how scholarly content can be discovered and delivered. Learn more + apply.

Research Integrity Master Class | 25 April

Last December, we ran our first Research Integrity Master Class. The response was so positive that we’re adding a second one — this time in Washington DC, the day before the STM Annual US Conference. Here, you can learn about the latest trends in research integrity, interact with the STM Integrity Hub, and help us shape the future of how we advance trusted research — together. Learn more + join us.


New report provides insights into global OA landscape — and with a focus on China

Open Access Publishing in China 2022 provides insights into the complex and evolving global Open Access landscape — and with a particular focus on China. The report is a product of a collaboration between STM Association and the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) focused on the bilateral sharing of ideas and best practices in OA publishing. Read the English press release in full | Download the report — English | Chinese

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Academic publishers have a unique opportunity to work collaboratively in order to accelerate actions and advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with potential to develop industry standards, key projects, new collaborations and other initiatives. And so we are. Learn more and join us in advancing UN SDGs.

Become a mentor or a mentee!

STM’s Mentoring Programme is open for applications for mentors and mentees alike — deadline is Dec 16! Here we work to share knowledge, expertise, skills, insights and experiences between a more experienced colleague and a more junior or less experienced colleague. Learn more & join us!

New instructional video series aims to help editors recognize image manipulation

Today, the STM Working Group on Image Alteration and Duplication Detection is launching the first in a series of instructional video modules intended to serve as a tool for scholarly journal editors screening for manipulated images in submitted manuscripts. This first module provides an overview of the most commonly found image aberrations in scientific publications and illustrates how they may be detected and verified. Keep reading & watch the video.

STM welcomes new legal counsel Molly Stech

STM is pleased to extend a warm welcome to Molly Stech, our new general counsel. Molly is taking over the role from Carlo Scollo Lavizzari, who has been with STM since 2007.

Molly is a long-time copyright policy attorney who has previously worked for the World Intellectual Property Organization, the U.S. Copyright Office, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. She is also an adjunct professor and publishes articles on copyright law in journals in Europe and the U.S. Read the full announcement.

European Research Innovation Days and STM’s Position on Research Assessment

In conjunction with European Research Innovation Days 2022, which runs September 28 – 29, the coalition for reforming assessment will present a newly finalized Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment. It will then officially be open for signatures. As a member of the coalition as well as a strong supporter of the issue of reform, STM is committed to enabling a fair research assessment system that rewards quality and impact. To that end, earlier this year, we published a Position on Research Assessment which emphasizes the importance of collaboration from across the research ecosystem in ways that enable research discoveries, research communications and research evaluation. Learn more here.

| Statement | STM’s response to the OSTP memorandum on Ensuring Free, Immediate, and Equitable Access to Federally Funded Research.

STM is committed to advancing trusted research in partnership with all stakeholders in the research ecosystem. We have been partners with the US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and federal agencies on implementation of current US public access policy, and have invested heavily in collective initiatives to support open research practices, including research data sharing. As we meet the future, we look forward to continuing to work with the OSTP and federal agencies to ensure the health and vibrancy of a research system that supports and enables the innovations and cures we all seek. Collaboration, dialogue, diversity and funding will be necessary to achieve these goals. 

New monkeypox research portal is launched

Facilitating quick access to trusted research on the monkeypox virus, STM has launched, on behalf of publishers, a new high impact portal to a wealth of publisher-provided research and resources for clinicians, researchers, policymaker and public health officials. 

Access the portal.

See our original statement in response to the crisis.

New report offers a studied look at Paper Mills, offers recommendations for thwarting them

COPE (the Committee on Publishing Ethics) together with STM has researched and produced a report that looks closely at Paper Mills — how they work, their history, their scale, and areas of particular concern. The report also offers concrete recommendations for addressing them moving forward. Download the paper.

Introducing the STM Integrity Hub | A new, unified approach to safeguard research integrity

The STM Integrity Hub is a robust, direct response to uphold research integrity — offering a holistic approach to detect research-integrity-offending manuscripts. Part knowledge exchange, part policy think tank, and part living library of infrastructure tools — the ‘hub’ is well underway. Learn more and join in.



STM Trends 2026 is launched

Our much-acclaimed STM Trends futurecast is now available. Here, we look ahead to 2026 where we see a sharp rise of Open Access within scholarly communications — bringing with it new opportunities for scalable tools for knowledge discovery on massively available content. See what’s in store.

STM Global Brief 2021 – Economics and Market Size is now available in Japanese & Mandarin Chinese

This report shines a light on the scale and shape of scholarly publishing and provides updated figures covering 2018 onwards. It delves deeply into topics such as global market size, share of revenue and data around specific industry segments — and much more. Access the translation in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese here