NEWSROOM » The STM SDG Roadmap Level 2 is launched

The STM SDG Roadmap Level 2 is launched

Today, STM launched Level 2 of our SDG Roadmap, an applicable collection of tools and resources that publishers of all sizes can use to ensure their work supports and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“This Roadmap was crafted collectively by STM members from across the globe,” said Rachel Martin, Global Director of Sustainability at Elsevier and Chair of the STM Social Responsibility committee. “We’re committed to translating these ambitions into tangible outcomes.” While Level 1 offers publishers a foundation for getting started, Level 2 is where you can move from planning to action using the provided tools, templates and actionable blueprints. Inside, you’ll be guided to:

🔹 Embed SDG commitments deeply within your organization

🔹 Mobilize communities for action

🔹 Implement systematic changes for transformative outcomes

“Each step we take brings us closer to our goals,” said Martin.

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