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STM Solutions in search of a Product Manager of ‘Access & Identity Solutions’

Update: This position has been filled.


STM Solutions is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead the development and implementation of cross-industry solutions that improve the access experience for researchers and that support new modalities for how scholarly content can be discovered and delivered. 

 The Product Manager will lead the further development of the Article Sharing Framework (ASF). Developed under the auspices of STM, this framework enables new forms of content sharing in ways that are simple, seamless and consistent with legal frameworks and publishers’ policies. ASF is built on existing technical frameworks.  

 STM Solutions delivered a demonstrator implementation for the ASF at the end of 2021, and is now searching for a Product Manager to take the helm and oversee its further development and growth. The Product Manager will be responsible for maintaining the ASF standard, coordinating implementation with different industry parties, driving adoption, organizing and facilitating stakeholder and governance forums, and developing the value proposition. 

 STM Solutions views the ASF as one of several foundational building blocks for the scholarly communication community’s efforts to reduce barriers for researchers to access trustworthy scholarly content and services in ways that are sustainable and consistent with data privacy regulations and intellectual property legislation. 

 In addition to the ASF responsibilities, the Product Manager will initiate, define, analyze and develop solutions in the broader space of Access and Identity. This could include digital identity management, single sign-on, federated authentication, distributed usage logging, and ensuring the integrity of the scholarly record. While the remit is broad, priorities will be reviewed by the Product Manager in consultation with STM Solutions’ CIO and the STM Solutions Access Cluster Board.  

 This is an exciting space with a lot of developments being driven by the rapid growth of Open Access publishing and active experimentation with new forms of content sharing and syndication. STM Solutions firmly believes that a well-designed enabling infrastructure can have a tremendously positive impact on these developments – and the Product Manager will have the opportunity to play an important role in helping to shape an industry poised for change. 

 Tasks & responsibilities 

  • Stewardship of the ASF standard, establishing and overseeing processes for regular community input and change management. 
  • Developing the ASF value proposition, for example extending the framework for monographs and other scholarly content. 
  • Coordinating technical implementation of the various ASF components with industry parties. 
  • Driving awareness and adoption of ASF with publishers & platform providers. 
  • Leading a strategic assessment of the distributed usage logging (DUL) standard, actively engaging the various stakeholder groups to formulate long-term vision and recommendations for next steps. 
  • Initiating, defining and developing new concepts and solutions in the space of Access and Identity. 
  • Serving as point-of-contact and liaison with publishers, platforms and other stakeholder communities. 
  • Establishing a process for regular reporting to gauge success and identify roadblocks. 

 Capabilities & expertise 

  • 5+ years Product Management experience working with infrastructure or back-end services.  
  • 5+ years experience in academic publishing or an adjacent sector supporting research & research communication. 
  • Excellent communication; fluent in English. 
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills. 
  • Versatile individual who enjoys working across the full breadth of product management (from weighing in on technical standardization to doing outreach & communications). 

 This is a full-time, remote-working position that requires a certain degree of flexibility regarding work schedule in order to accommodate meetings during European and American business hours. 

 About STM Solutions 
STM Solutions is the operational arm of STM Association, the leading trade association for academic and professional publishers worldwide. At STM Solutions, we are excited to lead in the development and operation of forward-thinking shared infrastructure and collaborative services to support STM members and the wider scholarly communications community. Our current areas of focus are Access & Identity and Research Integrity. 


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