Instructional Videos

Image Integrity in Scientific Publication | Video Series

A series of instructional video modules intended to serve as a tool for scholarly journal editors screening for manipulated images in submitted manuscripts.

MODULE 1. This first module provides an overview of the most commonly found image aberrations in scientific publications and illustrates how they may be detected and verified. Watch the video here.

MODULE 2. The second module offers an overview of commonly found image aberrations in blot images — and provides techniques for manually detecting and verifying these types of image issues. Although examples shown are all Western blots or immunoblots, the screening techniques introduced work equally well for northern blots, southern blots and agarose (DNA/RNA) gels.  Watch the video here.

MODULE 3. Here, we zero in on microscopy images: taking a close look at the typical issues that you might encounter in an image screening routine — and offering tips and techniques to better detect and verify irregularities. Dive in here.