STM Tech Trends 2024: FOCUS ON THE USER - Connect the dots


On 30th April 2020, STM launched its latest edition of Tech Trends with a central focus on the user. 

With digi-natives entering the research labs, academia and the workforce, the time is here for Generation-Z. This generation lives and breathes within the digital environment and requires instant gratification for their information needs.

They expect easy solutions, in a personalised way, in trustworthy environments where research integrity is secured. The combination of AI and data must make things really easy for the user. In academia they require the outputs of scholarly communications to be verified, certified and adapted to their different roles, fitting seamlessly into their individual workflows. Knowledge should be presented in bite-size, on-demand, in all formats and fine-tuned to the area of their interests. The sharing of data, Open Science, transparent peer review and AI ethics are all a given.

This year’s infographic depicts a starry sky, knowledge graph, with STM taking you on a galactic journey across the universe of the new user. Tech Trends 2024 connects the dots that create the scholarly communications environments - where users can do their things, in their own way, can trust platforms, can control their own data and where everything is made really, really easy.

We thank our generous sponsors IEEE, CCC and SpringerNature for making this new edition possible.

  • POSTER, made available by IEEE: Download the full infographic here for printing on A3. Chinese language version here. Japanese language version here
  • VIDEO: Available on YouTube
  • PRESENTATION: Recorded presentation on Zoom (45 minutes), note the password required: 3P*8Gg9^
  • PODCAST, made available by CCC: available here
  • POWERPOINT SLIDE DECK: available here
  • IMAGE FILES: Available in PDFJPEG and PNG format.

STM's Tech Trends is created annually by our Future Lab, a discussion forum of over 30 STM members. In a group discussion, based on the Delphi-method for technology forecasting that took place in December 2019, participants identified key technology trends that are likely to impact the STM publishing industry between now and 2024.

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