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This Year's Theme

Level Up!

Six Key Areas

Hurdles + Rewards

Central to the game play are six key areas — key trends that we see as highly impactful for scholarly communications in the next three to five years. Each key area brings its own hurdles and rewards.


Artificial Intelligence

How to distinguish what a machine did from what comes from a genuine human mind? How to apply AI benefits to make scholarly communications better, faster and more trustworthy…


Digital Identity

This area is highly related to developments in AI; can we check the provenance of manuscripts, research, do these authors, researchers, peer reviewers, institutes really exist?


Social Responsibility 

Science brings progress and makes the world a better place – the way we organize scholarly communications is essential for exactly that.

Open Research

The increasing demand for Open Science and Open Research means that all research outputs deserve to be shared and published early-on in the process, how to do that, how to enrich the Version-of-Record.


To make solutions really work, we need to collaborate, between publishers and with the many other stakeholders. Sometimes that slows us down, but we need good alliances with all stakeholders in the playing field.

Research and Integrity

This is the goal we all work towards; ensuring and advancing trusted research. Fight paper mills, ban bad practice, foster transparency and good publishing ethics.

To the Game!

How to play

Let's get to it!

Assets & getting started

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Have us come present the Trends 2027 (either in person or virtually) to facilitate some thoughtful game play and discussion at your organisation.

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