NEWSROOM » Research4Life & STM support Ukrainian science and research during conflict

Research4Life & STM support Ukrainian science and research during conflict

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recently expressed its gratitude to STM’s publisher partners for allowing free access to over 42,000 peer-reviewed journals, 174,000 e-books, and 155 databases through the Research4Life program. In 2022, R4L publishers granted Ukrainian institutions free access under the Group A category of Research4Life. In a letter, the Temporary Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Yevhen Kudriavets, described how Research4Life's support became a lifeline for Ukrainian scientists by symbolizing resilience and allowing vital research to continue amid the uncertainty of war. 

"Under such difficult conditions, free access to electronic resources of scientific information is especially important for Ukrainian scientists,” Kudriavets wrote. “Maintaining such access will help them to continue effectively their scientific activities. That is why we will be grateful to the Research4Life Partner Publishers for maintaining access for Ukrainian scientists to the electronic resources of scientific information provided on the Research4Life platform during 2023 and 2024."

Research4Life continues to look for ways to support Ukraine during this time of conflict. In addition to extending Ukraine’s free access to Research4Life through 2024, the partnership also explores opportunities such as translating massive online open courses (MOOCs) into Ukrainian and supporting publishers who waive processing fees for open access, marking a resilient path forward for Ukraine's researchers amid ongoing adversity. Ukraine has also strengthened its local research community by joining the Research4Life Country Connectors Network, made up of local library representatives who foster a community of evidence users.

Since its founding in 2001, Research4Life has become a driving force for equality in research publishing by providing access to free and low-cost academic content and training in information literacy and research communication. It fosters inclusion and equity through partnerships with UN agencies, universities, and over 200 publisher partners. The collaboration's reach extends to 11,000 institutions across 125 countries, fueled by volunteer efforts and initiatives like Friends of Research4Life. 

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