STM Week 2019
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STM Week returns for 2019 - Save the Dates!!

  • 3rd December: Innovations
  • 4th December: Digital Publishing
  • 5th December: Ideas Factory

STM Innovations Seminar


Driven by Data – moving Open Science forward


Sharing research data is an important enabler for Open Science. Widely endorsed--and even mandated-- by funding bodies and other policy-makers, many disciplines are establishing common conventions on how to make this vision a reality. Through necessity and to aid in reproducibility, publishers are also supporting these endeavours and helping authors make their research data available alongside and linked to their publications. Research Data are thus considered the new gold, for science, research, and society. Today’s Innovation Seminar will offer an exciting tour through and beyond the world of Research Data and the Reproducibility of Research.


The sessions this year will demonstrate how important open research data are for scholars, what they need to make easy sharing happen, how new opportunities are created (keynote). The program will provide practical examples of publishers facilitating this new frontier through data citation standards and data-linking, and how STM supports these ventures. Come and also hear how new products can be created from Research Data, with real-life examples of Text and Data Mining that create valuable data and information and how machine readable data makes Artificial Intelligence work.

Programme to follow:



Digital Publishing Seminar

Seminar Co Directors: Janine Burr-Willans, Head of Operations, Emerald Publishing
                                     Nancy RobertsFounder, Business Inclusivity

Call for Papers

Digital Publishing – Efficient, agile, secure and reliable working practices require world-class tooling and standards. As publishers, we live in an ever-evolving landscape of functional and non-functional requirements. Let’s get ahead of the curve by understanding how we work and defining new processes and mechanisms.

Priority will be given to proposals that involve novel and interesting formats, bringing new voices and perspectives into the conversation.

The deadline for submissions is  29 September 2019 - please send to Janine Burr-Willans

Programme to follow:


STM Ideas Factory on Making Research Impactful

Introduction and Ideas Factory Lead: Toby Green (formerly Head of Publishing, OECD) will manage this, new to STM, interactive event on day 3 of STM Week at the Congress Centre, London on Thursday 5th December.

Here’s a challenge. Scientists get almost as much coverage in mainstream media as contrarians, yet if social media is included, those who spread disinformation get 49% more coverage*. Society is being misled on a scale hitherto unseen.

This matters, to take two examples: misinformation is behind the rise in measles and policy inaction on climate. So, how can those of us who work in scholarly communications help tip the scales back? How can we help make research results cut through the ill-informed social-media clutter and have a positive impact on society? 

In this brand-new Ideas Factory format, you will be led through a series of exercises by experts who have long experience in making research results more impactful. At the end of the day you’ll have grasped the essentials of what impact really means; have thought through how you can make research more impactful; and discover tools that can help.

Format of the day

The Ideas Factory format is original and informal. Don’t expect to be sitting in an auditorium - because you’ll spend most of the day on your feet working together in small teams at a whiteboard.

Don’t expect to be tweeting and checking your inbox - because the event is totally offline, there will be no WiFi. Do expect to be fully engaged, to participate, to meet and create ideas with new colleagues - and to have fun. 

Evidenced-based decisions are undoubtedly beneficial to society but consider this: research funders are increasingly requiring researchers to show the impact of what they’ve done with their grants. To do this they will need help from those who work in scholcom: publishers, librarians, research managers and funding agencies. If you work in scholcom, you need to attend.



Session 1: What is Impact Anyway? To be led by José de Buerba, Head of the Impact Evaluation Team at the World Bank.

Session 2: How can YOU create impact for your stakeholders? To be led by Mihaela Gruia, Founder and Director, Research Retold

Session 3: Measuring Impact. To be led by Stefano Contratto, Monitoring and Impact Analyst, OECD

Session 4: Funnelling impact on a tiny budget. To be led by Alexa Colella, Marketing Manager, Journals at Univ of Illinois Press.



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