STM US Annual Conference 2019
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Society Scholarly Publishing, The Next Generation

The business and advancement of Society Scholarly Publishing has been and will continue to be built on the recruitment, development and advancement of the early career researcher into the ranks of the society publishing houses.

It is essential that the Society Scholarly Publishing industry maintains a consistent objective of building our membership with the early career researcher.  Our conference will focus on the best practices currently being employed by the industry. 

The conference will also address the tech side of the business with our STM Lecture Series on Cyber Security with industry expert Raj Goel and our CIO panel, titled, Societies and technology strategy – who owns the vision?

The 5th Annual STM Society Day conference dedicated to helping the Scholarly Society Publisher community to come together to discuss their opportunities, challenges and common issues.  

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019



Registration and networking continental breakfast




Welcome & Opening – Chair – Philip V. DiVietro, Managing Director, Publishing, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The Importance of the next generation

Keynote Speaker: Tom Costabile, Executive Director, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)



Engaging your student and professional membership

Member engagement is vital to the health and growth of a society.  What tools are needed to engage your young audience?  This session will provide a  real live case study that addresses this challenge.

Karen McCord, CEO, Breezio



Refreshment break & networking



Building tomorrow’s leaders

The future of society publishers will be determined by the young researcher and professional. What will it take to ensure that we are utilizing the best practices to ensure the future of our society publishing business?  

Join our panel for a frank and informative discussion.

Moderated by: John Warren, Director and Associate Professor in the Master of Professional Studies in Publishing program, George Washington University

Karin C. Lilja, Scientific Program Manager, Breast Cancer Research Foundation

William B. Tolman, Chemist, Washington University

David Sampson, Vice President, Journals & Publishing, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Jasmine Wallace, Peer Review Manager, American Society for Microbiology



Lunch & networking



Cyber security, who is guarding your network?

Raj Goel, CEO, BrainLink International



Societies and technology strategy – who owns the vision?

Societies rely on technical vendors for a host of services to deliver their content to their members and institutional subscribers.  The procurement process for these services involves a committee of colleagues and the vendor’s team members.  This process can be very challenging for the society to manage effectively.

What are the best practices to manage this process?  Who should be on the project team?  Who should be the chair/lead of the project team? What are the best project management tools that should be considered? 

Join us as our executive panel address these questions and many related topics.

Moderated by: Jasper Simons, Chief Publishing Officer, American Psychological Association (APA)

Elizabeth Nolan, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Publishing Officer, The Optical Society (OSA)

Sameer Shariff, CEO, Impelsys

Kevin Fitzpatrick, President and CEO, Enforme Interactive



Refreshment break & networking



The open access crystal ball

Moderated by: Michael Clarke, Managing Partner, Clarke & Esposito 

Open Access is approaching its 20th anniversary and now the industry is addressing alternative proposals to be considered by the industry stakeholders.  Our panel will have a frank discussion about these new alternatives and what the future might hold for society publishers.

Philippa J. Benson, Ph.D, Managing Editor, Sciences Advances, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Paula Gantz, Paula Gantz Publishing Consultancy

Christopher Jannuzzi, Executive Director and CEO, Electrochemical Society (ECS)



Technology, the young researcher and the future
Closing keynote speaker:
Catherine Roberts, Executive Director, American Mathematical Society



Meeting wrap-up & close
Chair – Philip V. DiVietro, Managing Director, Publishing, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

17:20 - 18:30


Cocktail reception


Executive Planning Committee (EPC):

Philip V. DiVietro, Managing Director Publications, ASME

Simone Taylor, Publisher, Books, AIP Publishing

Andrea Macaluso, Director, Outreach and Partnerships, Open Research,  Springer Nature

Sarah Whalen, Director of Business Strategy & Portfolio Management, AAAS/Science

Steven Sayre, Director of Marketing and Publishing at Ecological Society of America


Scholarly publishing:

New tech, new challenges a new frontier

Since much of our lives turned digital, the scholarly publishing industry is on the forefront to provide the research community with the best digital media and workflow tools to advance research and discovery.  With these advances in new technology, the industry is also faced with new business challenges.

Join us as our two-day conference addresses the newest technology trends and the new challenges impacting our industry.

STM’s new version of Tech Trends will be launched; join us to discuss the opportunities provided by the ever new and evolving digital frontier.

Thursday April 11th, 2019


Registration and networking continental breakfast









Opening: Chair - Roger Schonfeld, Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, Ithaka S+R
STM Board Chair Welcome – Jason Wilde, Chief Publishing Officer, AIP Publishing

Data as a transformative lever in a well-established industry

Opening Keynote: Olivier Dumon, Chief Product Officer, Elsevier

Why do all stakeholders (funders, institutions, labs, researchers, governments…and publishers) need to collaborate to enhance the info eco system supporting Research?

Olivier will share his experience and thoughts about leading digital transformation in complex organisations and some key challenges that many “traditional” businesses will have to handle in the near future.


The future of upstream, “Where the puck is going!”

Charlie Rapple, Co-founder of Kudos


Refreshment break & networking


Alternative futures!  The current state, current developments & future developments

Beyond the well-loved journal and book formats, what are the future forms of research reporting and academic publishing? What new types of content are traditional publishers offering? What can we learn from start ups responding to scientists' cutting-edge informational needs? Panelists will share what alternative publishing formats are proving effective, what new models are in experimentation mode, and what may still lie ahead for scholarly communications.

Moderated by: Roger Schonfeld, Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, Ithaka S+R

Violaine Iglesias, CEO & Co-founder, Cadmore Media

Jeff Saffer, CEO, Quertle

Adrian Stanley, Managing Director, Publishers, Digital Science

Phil Meyler, Publishing Development Director, Science, Technology and Medicine, Cambridge University Press


Members only forum: Update on issues critical to academic & professional publishers




Improving inclusivity for researchers in emerging markets

Andrea Powell, Director of Outreach and Publisher Coordinator, STM

The Global South has benefited from toll-free access to research publications for many years, thanks to initiatives like Research4Life, but the research output from most of the beneficiary countries has barely grown.  What are the obstacles faced by researchers in these areas, and what can the publishing industry do to level the playing field, while also expanding the pool of talent within these emerging economies?


“Forcing the Flip?”  The open access and open science movements are moving along at a faster pace and the demands of the funders and industry leaders are influencing publishers and others to look at new models and creative solutions.  Our panel will discuss the latest developments and the trends that are on the horizon. 

Moderated by: Simon Beale, SVP, Global Sales and Partnership Development, John Wiley & Sons

Rachel Burley, Vice President Open Publishing Innovations, Springer Nature

Keith Webster, Dean of Libraries and Director of Emerging and Integrative Media Initiatives, Carnegie Mellon

Ashley Farley, Associate Officer of Knowledge & Research Services, Gates Foundation 


Refreshment break & networking


What we learned from Plan S

Keynote Speaker Jasmin Lange, Chief Publishing Officer, Brill

Over the last year, Plan S has gripped the attention of researchers, librarians and publishers alike. Applause, astonishment and critique took turns, and the discussion even reached the general media. Jasmin will share her view on how Plan S has already impacted academic publishing and outline Brill’s response to the changes in the market. Will humanities publishers survive the storm?


Meeting wrap up & close

Chair - Roger Schonfeld - Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, Ithaka S+R

17:10 - 18:30

Cocktail reception




Roger Schonfeld, Director Libraries, Scholarly Communication and Museums



Lettie Conrad, Affiliate Senior Associate, Product Research and Development

Maverick Publishing Specialists


Rachel Burley, Vice President Open Publishing Innovations

Springer Nature


Simon Beale, SVP, Global Sales and Partnership Development

John Wiley & Sons


STM US Annual Conference: Innovations Day

Friday 12th April 2019


Registration, coffee & networking



IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Senior Vice President of Research Integrity, Elsevier, Chair of STM’s Standards and Technology Executive Committee (STEC) and STM’s Future Lab Forum


Launch of STM Tech Trends 2023

Presented by Eefke Smit, STM Director for Standards and Technology

STM is launching its annual forecast of Technology Trends impacting scholarly communications and the STM industry. Come and hear what is new in the future vision of STM’s Future Lab forum and how you can prepare for it. The Band is playing a new song this year, you can be the first to hear it.


Roundtable: What these Tech Trends mean for your business

Chris Kenneally, Director content marketing,Copyright Clearance Center, (CCC) will be discussing the new Tech Trends in a round table discussion with 4 tech-savvy representatives of STM publishing houses.

You can hear the views of Future Lab chairman: IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Senior Vice President of Research Integrity, Elsevier,
Gerry Grenier, Sr Dir Publishing Technology, IEEE, (sponsor of Tech Trends) 
Priya Arora, Director, Product Strategy, Wolters Kluwer Health 
Max Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer, Informa & Managing Partner, Informa Ventures,Taylor & Francis
Sameer Shariff, CEO, Impelsys


Refreshment break & networking


Plenary Panel: Innovating Peer Review

Moderated by John Sack, Founding Director, Highwire

Peer Review is at the heart of value creation in scholarly publishing. The past decades have seen experiments with open peer review, post- and pre-publication peer review, demands for more transparency in case of blind, double blind and triple blind peer review, and quests for a reward system for reviewers who take all this heavy work on their shoulders. What are the real innovations in peer review that our sector needs? How to shape a better peer review process?

John Sack, Founding Director, Highwire

Jennifer Regala, Managing Editor, The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology, American Society of Plant Biologists

Brigitte Shull, Senior Vice President, USA and the Director of Scholarly Communications R&D, Cambridge University Press

Susan King, Executive Director, Rockefeller University Press

John Inglis, Executive Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press


Lunch and networking


Afternoon Keynote: Create Innovation in an Eco-system with Start-Ups

Yvonne Campfens, Campfens Consulting

Yvonne Campfens carried out a study of what happened to 121 start-ups in the STM sector since 2008. What kind of innovations were introduced by them, how did they arrange for their funding, were they acquired or have they managed to create beneficial partnerships with more traditional players in our space? This keynote presents an impressive amount of data and statistics on how start-ups are thriving and add a healthy plethora of innovation to the eco-system of our industry.


Dotcoms to watch: Cherishing Start-Ups in our Eco-system

Come and meet 4 new start-ups in scholarly communications. Our moderator, a senior person in our industry, engages in a discussion with new pioneers who have something to add and improve to how research is carried out and to how science is communicated and published.

Moderated by Todd Toler, Vice President, Digital Product Management, John Wiley & Sons 

5 start-ups present their solutions to improve scholarly communications.

Leslie McIntosh,, Irina Makkaveeva, Josh Nicholson,,

Tyler Whitehouse,


RA21: Research Access in the 21st Century,

Simple, Trusted Access – Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

The joint STM-NISO project for easier access to scholarly resources shares its results. This session will present and demonstrate the RA21 solution and associated best practice recommendations and what you need to know about implementation.

By Chris Shillum, VP of Identity and Platform Strategy, Elsevier, Ralph Youngen, Director of Publishing Systems Integration, American Chemical Society and Todd Carpenter, Executive DirectorNISO


Close of seminar


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