Day 1 STM Week 2018
Tools and Standards
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Tools and Standards

Seminar Co Directors: Janine Burr-Willans, Emerald Publishing 
                                   Nancy Roberts, Business Inclusivity

Tools and standards have always been at the heart of academic publishing, particularly in STM fields, but as the landscape changes and diversifies with the introduction of open workflows, machine learning and other developments, are these standards increasingly under threat? Can we maintain coherent standards in a disaggregated world, and how can tools adapt to these changes and deliver increased flexibility and agility?
Some standardization is always vital for consistency and efficiency, but how much is too much, and what are the impacts of increasingly diverse publication methods on our working practices?

This seminar will look at how tools and standards are adapting to and shaping the new publishing landscape, the challenges that this presents (for both publishers and researchers), and the opportunities we should be seeking. We will seek to explore solutions and deliver insights and practical advice for publishers both large and small. We will also address the increasingly complex relationships and partnerships between publishers and content providers, and to examine how publishers work with solution providers - are these relationships transforming from transactional to something more strategic? What are the implications of these changes and how do we, as an industry, develop the skills and strategies to manage these complex networks? How can thinking from other industries help us to evolve and change our own paradigm?

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