4th joint seminar of JST and STM




The transformation in scholarly publishing:
Research integrity and quality of publications/pre-prints and peer-review

Online seminar with simultaneous translation

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The joint online seminar from the Japan Chapter of STM and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) will explore a variety of topics around research integrity bringing together funders, academics, publishers, governments representations and those with an interest in scholarly publishing.

Research integrity is a broad umbrella term which means conducting research in such a way that it allows others to have confidence and trust in the methods and findings of that research. It is about values and behaviors and being fully supported by specialized tools in the digital environment. Peer-review is an essential element of the scholarly communication and documentation process and contributes to ensuring the quality and trustworthiness of modern research. However, the role of peer review has been challenged by the new digital modes of publication. This seminar will provide in-depth presentations about the role of peer-review, quality of publications, the role and challenges of pre-prints while also providing an overview of ongoing STM projects within this area.

The first session of the seminar hosted by JST will introduce trends in new forms of dissemination of research results, examples of preprint submissions and the use of preprints published by Japanese institutions. Throughout 2021, JST will be holding seminars on the theme of diversification of research output dissemination and journals. This seminar aims to deepen understanding of the differences between preprints and publications.

The second session, hosted by STM will start with a presentation about an overview of STM’s activities on research integrity and focus on the peer review taxonomy project. The other presentations will elaborate on the role of new digital modes of publications (preprints) and research evaluation.

(Titles subject to change)

Session 1 - organised by JST (5:00 – 7:00am BST, 6:00 – 8:00am CET, 1:00 – 3:00pm JST)

13:00 JST

Welcome and opening remarks by JST


Trends in new forms of dissemination of research results

HIKIHARA Takashi, Professor of Kyoto University


The relationship between preprints and journals: from the point of view of a researcher and a journal editor-in-chief

TAKAI Ken, Director-General of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology


Preprint policy and future perspectives in the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases

ATO Manabu, Director of National Institute of Infectious Diseases



Session 2 - organised by STM  (7:00 - 9:00 am BST, 8:00  - 10.00 am CET, 3:00 – 5:00 pm JST)

15:00 JST

Welcome and opening remarks by the Chair and Vice-Chair the STM Japan Chapter


Improving Research Integrity through Collaboration & Technology

Joris van Rossum, STM Director for Research Integrity


Preprints, journals, and the balance of speed and  quality in research dissemination

Theodora Bloom, Executive Editor of The BMJ


How to evaluate the quality of research publications: problems and suggestions   

Prof. Amane Koizumi, National Institute of Natural Sciences


Questions and Answer; moderated by the Chair/Co-Chair of the STM Japan Chapter



Panel discussion organized by JST (9.10-10.00 am BST, 10.10-11.00 am CET, 5:10-6:00 pm JST)

17:10 JST

Panel Session with all speakers; moderated by JST Mr. Yasushi Ogasaka


Closing remarks

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