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A Clear Path for Research Data Sharing

Recognizing the critical role of research data in advancing open science and research integrity, STM, DataCite and Crossref have joined forces to issue a joint statement aimed at guiding the scholarly community in effective research data sharing. This statement is an update to the Joint Statement from STM and DataCite from 2012, recognizing that there has been significant progress since — but also that there is still much work to do.

While the volume of data continues to increase exponentially in the current research environment, the consistency around the sharing of research data is lacking — yet it is essential. To this end, this joint statement formulates 12 recommendations for all stakeholder groups that will help to address this critical gap.

It offers a common framework for sharing research data for key stakeholders across the research community: researchers, publishers, funders, data repositories and policymakers — offering a means to advance a more open and collaborative research environment.

“This collaboration isn't just about sharing best practices; it's about shaping a future where research data sharing becomes the norm, not the exception,” said Hylke Koers, CIO, STM Solutions. “Our goal is to cultivate an environment that champions reproducibility, integrity, openness, and fairer research assessments. We eagerly anticipate the advancements and collaborations this new era will bring."

Explore the Joint Statement here and see how to get involved.

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