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STM Board Elections 2016: Now Open!
for STM Board seats has now begun.  There are five vacancies available and more information can be found here.

STM supports French Text and Data Mining Report, Senate draft law.  Read more in the press release

STM response to EU Competitive Council conclusions on transition towards an Open Access System
STM has issued a response to the EU Competitive Council conclusions. Read the news release and STM's extended feedback 

STM responds to Joint COAR-UNESCO Statement  on Open Access
STM has issued a response to the recent COAR-UNESCO statement. Read the STM response here

How Can I Share it? Discover how sharing can be simple and seamless has launched in beta version to provide practical information to help share subscription articles quickly and easily.

Publishing Research Consortium produce researcher insight survey into text mining
The PRC has released a report detailing a survey they commissioned to investigate the knowledge, views, and experiences of researchers with text mining of journal literature. The full report along with a 'key findings' summary can be found on the PRC website

Norman Paskin, first Director of the International DOI Foundation (1954 – 2016)
It is with great sadness that we learn of the sudden death of Norman Paskin, on 27 March 2016. His passing away is a huge loss for our industry and for all of us who always enjoyed working with him.  Condolences can be expressed using this email address:  

STM response to Call for Action on Open Science
STM has issued an official response to the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science. Read the response here. STM's extended submission can be read here

Open Science: Dare to Share
The Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation have published their report on Open Science: 'Dare to Share'. Read the English version of the advisory report here

Revised subito framework agreement released
subito e.V., Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and STM announced the release of a revised model 'Document Delivery License Agreement' under which publishers can license document deliveries of journal articles and extracts of books published by them to subito e.V.  Read more in the press release.  STM members can access the documents here.

Revised voluntary principles for article sharing on scholarly collaboration networks released
Following the completion of STM's community-wide consultation, a revised version of the principles has been released. The SCN webpage includes the new principles, an explanation of the changes made and details of the project working groups' next steps. Visit the SCN page here.

Obituary: Kathleen Bursley
STM is sad to report the passing of Kathleen Bursley, past Chair of the Copyright and Legal Affairs Committee (CLAC) on the 30th January 2016. More on Kathleen 

Swets Liquidation – Members Only
STM maintains an information service on the bankruptcy proceedings of Swets Information Services BV and its group companies which is available to members.


STM North America

STM is committed to support its members in North America. Click here to for your North American key contacts, support and information to support your publishing house.

Visit the STM North America webpage

STM launches Tech Trends 2020

Tech Trends 2020 highlights 5 'waves of publishing innovation' currently interacting: Technology; security; research; users and publishing. A colourful infographic shows key trends surrounding and interlinking the five waves, produced by a group of 24 leading companies identified as key to the technological present and future of the publishing industry through to 2020.

More on Tech Trends 2020
See the Tech Trends 2020 infographic
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