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Latest News

PRC publishes OA Licensing Guide
The Publishing Research  Consortium (PRC) has published a new legal perspective for stakeholders, covering the complex inter-dependence of copyright licensing, publishing agreements, and open access of other licenses ‘downstream’. The guide contains recommendation and opinions to steer sustainable open access licensing. The guide is available via the PRC website:

New STM Website
Welcome to our new look website! We hope you enjoy both our new design and our new Association logo.

Extended Science Statement
STM issued statement on ‘extended science’ following the recent EU public consultation on ‘science 2.0

Open Access
Following the recent announcement of the revised 2nd draft Open Access policy of DBT/DST STM prepared the following submission.

New Members
STM welcomes new members: EB MedicinePulsus Group Inc.,Copyright Agency, Harrington Park Press, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), IPR License,the European Respiratory Society, Kudos, JMIR Publications and the American Society of Agronomy

Nature Publishing Group and Palgrave MacMillan release Author Insights survey data
NPG and Palgrave Macmillan have released the data from their Author Insights survey containing the views of over 30,000 researchers on open access. The data and summaries are available to view and download via Figshare

Research Data Webinar: Recordings and Slides available
In collaboration with WDS (Word Data System of ICSU) and the RDA (Research Data Alliance), STM held another webinar on Research Data on October 2, 2014. Slides and recordings of the webinar are now available, so come and hear about the progress in the work done on workflows for publishing data (integrated into journal article submissions), bibliometrics for data, a generic system to link data and publications and cost modelling. Speakers included Michael Diepenbroek (Pangaea), Elizabeth Newbold (British Library), Hylke Koers (Elsevier), Sara Callaghan (STFC) and Simon Hodson (CoData). Moderator; Eefke Smit (STM). The webinar had around 65 attendees. All presentations are available under this link, as recordings and in pdf:

Swets Liquidation – Members Only
STM has engaged with the Curator of Swets Information Systems BV to obtain information on the bankruptcy and procedures, and has communicated on a regular basis with STM Heads of House and a group comprised of STM’s Copyright and Legal Affairs Committee and representatives of Houses actively interested in the Swets case.   A chronological list of these communications, with links to the documents is now available for members.

IFRRO launches Value of Copyright campaign to improve level of copyright debate website unveiled as new online home for information on copyright. Read more here.

Anti-bribery and corruption
STM has released a set of anti-bribery and corruption principles to assist Members and Publishers Solutions International have been selected to lead a voluntary compliance scheme. Read more here. 

Results of the STM 2014 Board Elections
Newly elected and current Board members can be found at

Appointment of Future Lab Committee Chair

Sam Bruinsma (Brill) has been appointed as ex-officio member of the STM Board to represent STM's Future Lab Committee as per February 2015. It is with regret that the Board says farewell to Gerry Grenier who held this post during the past 3 years. Under the chairmanship of Gerry Grenier the Future Lab committee made great strides forwards, and extended participation to more than 30 publishing organisations within STM. Gerry was a great chairman of the Future Lab Committee and STM is grateful for his good work.

At the same time, STM welcomes Sam as the new chair of STM's Future Lab Committee. For many years, Sam has been an enthusiastic participant in the activities of STM's Future Lab, from actively contributing to the annual Tech Trend sessions to participating in the webinars, seminars and Innovations conferences. To these meetings he often brings a valuable perspective of business and product development in a medium-size publishing company, operating internationally. He also brings in the perspective of book publishing and the social sciences and humanities. Sam Bruinsma sees the activities of the Standards and Technology portfolio within STM as an important benefit to the members of our organisation. "Innovation is key for the future of STM publishing in the fast changing world around us. In our industry, growing multi-channel connectivity and the new sharing economy may change more fundamentals in the next decade than were established in the centuries of publishing tradition on which we have built our businesses".

Sam Bruinsma has been in academic and professional publishing for more than 25 years. He has been with Brill since 1998, after a 10 year career at Wolters Kluwer. Currently he is Vice President Business Development and responsible for online product development, acquisitions, and new business models.