STM Statement of Support for the People of Ukraine

STM stands with publishing colleagues, scientists, scholars and all people in peril in the democratic nation of Ukraine following the invasion by Russia. As organisations dedicated to the advancement of science and scholarship - humanity itself - through peaceful international collaboration, our members are appalled by the violence.

Ukrainian colleagues are in our thoughts, particularly STM member Virtus Interpress, and fellow member of the International Publishers Association (IPA), the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association. Together with the IPA and other international bodies we are following developments and discussing how we can best support publishing colleagues, scientists and scholars at this time and beyond.

Our publishing community, together with the scientists and research organisations we support, is a global community; possibly one of the best and most shining examples of what happens when all people, regardless of place or politics, have the opportunity to freely pursue knowledge together. STM members are committed to preserving this ideal.

Caroline Sutton