Scholarly publishing action on climate change

It is estimated that human activities are responsible for 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels. This warming from emissions will persist for centuries to millennia and will cause long-term changes in our climate system. The results of this are projected to include devastating impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, including species loss and extinction, and significant risks to health, livelihood, food security, water supply and economic growth.

The climate crisis knows no boundaries. It can only be tackled through alignment, collaboration, and a willingness to directly address the crisis and act.

Our knowledge on climate, prediction and crisis planning are all underpinned by the peer-reviewed research made available by scholarly publishers. Through advancing trusted research, publishers help climate research reach the widest possible audiences – providing knowledge, context and insight. 

Publication of articles on climate change has increased substantially. 92% of climate changes articles have been published since the year 2000[1].  Climate research is increasingly being published as Open Access.  57% of research articles relevant to Sustainable Development Goal or SDG-13 were published as Open Access as of 2020 and OA became the dominant publication model for research in this field in 2016, according to Dimensions data[2].  In terms of journals on climate change, 50% of active, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in any language are fully Open Access and the remaining majority are either hybrid or transformative[3].

However, publishers have a wider role to play beyond ensuring that research is high quality, trustworthy and easy to access – they too must also play their part in tackling climate change.

STM’s member publishers have been working individually and collectively to stimulate innovative research and approaches both inside and outside of their organisations to address the global climate crisis.


Featured Initiatives and Collaborations Across the Industry

STM and sixteen of its members have signed the UN SDG’s publishers compact

More than 200 health journals are calling for action on climate change

Dozens of publishers have worked together to provide a COP26 digital book showcase, carrying 150 searchable books about climate change and sustainability

The Publishers Association in the UK has launched ‘Publishing Declares’, a sustainability pledge with 39 founding signatories from across the industry

Joint statement - The book sector unites to take action on climate

Elsevier, Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press and Copyright Clearance Center join Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative

Podcasts from our Members

Podcast: How engineers can help fight climate change

Podcast: Publishing Takes On Climate Change

Podcasts:  A Green Future


Key / Featured Resources

Climate Action Collection (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Open Engage - collaborative space  (Cambridge University Press)

COP26 Special Issue: UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (Elsevier)

Report: How can research help the world hit net zero by 2050?  (Elsevier)

Climate Research in Action (Springer Nature)

ACS Climate Science Toolkit   (ACS)

Climate Action Gateway  (F1000)

Sustainable Development Goals Online | Taylor & Francis Group (Taylor & Francis)

SDG 13 Climate Action | For Researchers | Springer Nature

Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) - Wiley Online Library

Contextualizing Sustainable Development Research (  (Digital Science)

SDG Resource Centre - Leading-edge information on the Sustainable Development Goals ( (Elsevier)

Elsevier-SDG-Report-2020.pdf  (Elsevier)

Navigating the Structure of Research on Sustainable Development Goals (Clarivate)


Upcoming Member Events

Event:   IOP Physics and the Green Economy Summit, an online event, 22 – 25 Nov 2021

Event:  Environmental Research 2021, 15-19 November


Member Initiatives and Acts of Support




AIP Publishing

Science Policy News from AIP; Climate Change  


Mapping the path of climate change



American Chemical Society

Climate Science Challenge Grant



American Medical Association

AMA to Protect Human Health from the Effects of Climate Change by Ending its Investments in Fossil Fuel Companies

Why physicians see climate change as a health emergency | American Medical Association (

Doctors demand presidential action on climate change

An Open Letter to President Trump · The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH) (



American Physical Society


APS Takes Steps to Address its Carbon Footprint



APS Launches Campaign to Help Members Mitigate Their Carbon Footprint



American Psychological Association


APA is fostering environmental sustainability on several fronts



APA’s Response to the Global Climate Change Crisis



American Society of Agronomy


Climate Change Solutions Statement



American Society of Civil Engineers


Adaptation to climate change involves research and its effects on the safety, health and welfare of the public as it interfaces with civil engineering infrastructure.



Association for Computing Machinery


Gordon Bell Prize - Exascale Deep Learning for Climate Analytics






OECD Wins Inaugural University Press Redux Sustainability Award



BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

Call for governments to back IT's 'powerful role' in tackling climate change | BCS

Towards sustainable ethical computing | BCS



CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Historical CABI records used in crop pest climate change study


CABI responds to high-level segment of UN Climate Change Conference



Clarivate Analytics

Sustainability at Clarivate


Clarivate Sustainability Policy



Digital Science

Supporting Sustainable Research

Report: Contextualizing Sustainable Development Research



EBSCO (Elton Bryson Stephens Company)

EBSCO Solar Grants


EBSCO Adds Additional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations




Elsevier makes the latest climate change research freely available via Mendeley



Elsevier commits to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040



Geological Society of London

Year of Water

Year of Resources




The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Underpinning and Contributing to Sustainability Research



ICE Publishing

Accelerating urban action for a carbon free world


Achieving sustainable ground infrastructure with geosynthetics



International Atomic Energy Agency

Addressing environmental issues



Institute of Physics (IOP)

IOP Climate Change Position Statement


Sustainable Development Goals - IOP Publishing


IOP Publishing joins Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative



IOS Press



Sustainable Development Goals



Knowledge Futures Group

About Knowledge Futures





About MDPI



Publishers Association

Sustainability from the Publishers Perspective



Royal Society of Chemistry

Include the Impacts of Climate Change in your Teaching


Our best climate change and sustainability resources are now in one place


Sustainability in the curriculum


Carbon criminals reveal our carbon footprint



SAE International

Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award



SAGE Publishing





Sustaining a sustainable office environment



Springer Nature

SDG Programme


Springer Nature creates new Climate Action Officer role in industry-first move


Springer Nature joins climate action emission reduction campaign | The Bookseller


Climate Research at COP26



Taylor and Francis

Reducing Plastic


Environment & Sustainability - Taylor & Francis (




Corporate Citizenship


Wiley Paper Selection and Use Policy


FY20 Green House Gas Emissions



Wolters Kluwer Health



Environmental, Corporate and Data Governance Overview 2020



World Health Organization (WHO)

Climate Change Policy


 WHO and the global health community call for urgent action on the climate crisis



Member Resources




AIP Publishing

AIP congratulates 2021 Nobel Prize winners in physics for the physical modelling of Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming


The Discovery of Global Warming


Mapping the path of climate change




Climate Change Resources




Clinical inquiry: six simple steps to sustainability; a checklist for ongoing monitoring of clinical practice improvements



American Chemical Society

ACS Climate Science Toolkit



American College of Physicians

Climate Change Toolkit



American Mathematical Society

Mathematics and Climate


Climate Change and the Mathematics of Transport in Sea Ice


American Physical Society


The Physics of Climate Change




American Physiological Society

Too Hot for Comfort: the Physiological Dangers of Extreme Heat


Going Green: APA is fostering environmental sustainability on several fronts



American Psychological Association

Climate Change Policy


Majority of US Adults Believe Climate Change Is Most Important Issue Today


 Humanistic Psychology and Climate-Change Denialism


Final Version of APA Climate Change Report Released


Learn how people understand the risks of climate change, psychosocial impacts of climate change and more



American Society of Clinical Oncology


Why Oncologists Should Care About Climate Change | JCO Oncology Practice (




World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development


Podcast: How engineers can help fight climate change


Manufacturing Blog: Engineering-a-future-of-sustainable-manufacturing


Sustainable Manufacturing: The Road Forward



Apple Academic Press Inc.

Environmental Science / Climate Change & Mitigation



Association of American University Presses

How to Green Your Office



Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

Inaugural University Press Redux Sustainability Award



BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

Towards sustainable ethical computing




Climate Emergency








Conservative low-flow anaesthetic techniques could lead to reduced carbon footprint for veterinary practices



Burleigh Dodds

Potential worsening of food insecurity: What to do?




CABI Climate Change Series



Cambridge University Press



Cambridge University Press will contribute as part of the University’s Cambridge Zero climate change initiative



Copyright Clearance Center

Podcast: Publishing Takes On Climate Change



CSIRO Publishing

International Journal of Wildland Fire


Books on Climate Change


Books on Sustainability


Books on Pollution and Waste


Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems Science


Books on Restoration Ecology






The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future - The Lancet

Report: How can research help the world hit net zero by 2050? (

SDG Resource Centre - Leading-edge information on the Sustainable Development Goals (


Sustainability Through a Gender Lens: The Extent to Which Research on UN Sustainable

SDG Research Mapping Initiative (

Elsevier announces conference on agriculture and climate change 2015





Climate Action Gateway



Geological Society of London

Year of Water


Rock miles and fair trade


Year of Resources





ICE Publishing

Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience




Engineers, you can disrupt climate change


What it would really take to reverse climate change




Geoengineering: In case of emergency break glass


Sustainability and climate-change



International Atomic Energy Agency

Nuclear Power and Climate Change


Energy Planning



International Publishers Association

Hundreds of Portuguese and Brazilian children’s books highlight sustainability and equality through new SDG Book Club


Taking Concrete Steps Towards the SDG goals; how publishers can contribute


Why is COP-26 a critical moment for the climate and publishing?



IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics)

Climate change impacts could amplify global inequalities even under ambitious ghg emission reduction policies


Sustainable Development Goals


The most effective steps to tackle climate change aren't being discussed


Podcasts:  A Green Future


Event:   IOP Physics and the Green Economy Summit, an online event, 22 – 25 Nov 2021


Event:  Environmental Research 2021, 15-19 November


Environmental Research Series



IWA Publishing

Earth Day - Climate Action Resources


Ask the Editor:  Journals of Water and Climate Change


Celebrating World Water Day


Sustainability and Water Supply



Knowledge Futures Group

Report: Science for the Post-Normal Age




What researchers are learning about climate change


Climate migration: Human rights crisis in the making


Co2 Removal By Forest Restoration In Amazon


Earth, paradoxes, and rhetoric oh my: Meta-discussion of climate change communication


Sustainability: Why chemistry will have many ways to engage



National Information Standards Organisation

Ensuring the Long Term Impact of Earth Science Data through Data Curation and Preservation



New England Journal of Medicine

Climate Change — A Health Emergency



OSA (Optical Society)

European Life Programme


New Method For Identifying Carbon Compounds


Horizon 2020 Provides Opportunities For Photonics



Royal Society of Chemistry

Arsenal and leaf blowers add to global warming


Teach the real-world effects of climate change


Our best climate change and sustainability resources


Podcast: Climate Change


Sustainability in the Curriculum


Global Challenges:  Environment



SAGE Publishing

Research & ideas aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals



Science Open

Climate Change: Open Access Collection




Earth Day - Earth Sciences



Society for Scholarly Publishing

SSP Event Summary – ‘Facts vs. Fake News: Who Decides What is True?



Springer Nature

Climate Research in Action


Fishing and Societal Impact



Taylor and Francis

Reduce meat consumption says expert


Addressing climate change at the community level in the US


Sustainable Development Goals Online | Taylor & Francis Group (


The urgent case for stronger climate targets for international shipping




Healthcare professionals are important communicators for addressing climate change


Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) - Wiley Online Library



World Health Organization (WHO)

Climate Change


Climate Change And Health: A Tool To Estimate Health And Adaptation Costs



Member Collaborations: Initiatives and Resources


American Medical Association

An open letter to President Trump to ask that he sign the Paris Climate Agreement

American Psychological Association

A report on the relationship between mental health and climate change


Signatory to a Proclamation on Psychology, Global Health and Climate Action


Signatory to a Resolution on Psychology, Global Health and Climate Action

American Society of Agronomy

Climate Change Solutions - recommendations on agricultural practices.

British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Signatory to a letter asking world leaders to tackle climate change


World Forum on Climate Justice

Endocrine Society

Letter to President Trump asking to remain a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement

International Publishers Association

A joint statement calling for climate change to be prioritised


A book conference on climate change

IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics)

An initiative to track and manage digital carbon impact

OSA (Optical Society)

An initiative to encourage organisations around the world to form research centres


The Global Environmental Measurement & Monitoring (GEMM) Initiative focuses on improving environmental and climate change impact planning


Creating a global environmental monitoring network


A coalition initiative to educate policy makers on climate change


Laser Ignition Conference; discussing fossil energy sources


Scientists Install Sensors in Glasgow, Scotland Schools to Monitor Greenhouse Gases in Real-Time


Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Technologies: Current Capabilities and Future Needs

SAGE Publishing

Commitment to sustainable development

Springer Nature

Investigating research gaps in sustainable development


Carbon footprint reduction commitment


[1] Doris Klingelhöfer et al., “Climate Change: Does International Research Fulfill Global Demands and Necessities?,” Environmental Sciences Europe 32, no. 1 (October 15, 2020): 137,

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