Sarah Phibbs

Sarah Phibbs serves as STM's Director of Research4Life Publisher Partnerships, working to foster global research equity by enabling reciprocal, diverse and rich scholarly exchange. 

Sarah brings years of experience as a consultant for societies and publishers focusing on sustainable publishing, strategy, and innovation. Previously, she was Wiley’s Vice President for society research publishing across life, health, physical and social science & humanities, establishing the society acquisitions and operations teams.  At Blackwell, Sarah ran Global Social Science & Humanities Research. 

She works with local mental health charity MIND and the ‘Big Gig’, a forum for entrepreneurs on start-up strategy and is currently studying part-time for a Global MBA at Oxford Brookes University. 

Sarah facilitated the development of Research4Life’s new Strategic Plan and Theory of Change having previously served on the Committee reviewing the Feasibility Study for Friends of Research4Life.