Kimberly Parker

Kimberly Parker is a Programme Manager at the World Health Organization where she coordinates the Hinari Access to Research for Health programme of Research4Life. Kimberly worked for 18 years at the Yale University Library on science, medical, and electronic publishing issues of librarianship before moving to the World Health Organization in 2008.

During 2018, Kimberly provided activity leadership to the work of the nascent UN Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries in the Digital Access to Research (DAR) programme. DAR piloted an approach of intensive in-country enabling in twelve of the UN Least Developed Countries.  Kimberly is now taking that work forward with a Research4Life Country Connectors project to build that local engagement in many of the Research4Life countries.

The biggest challenge and reward in her Research4Life role is keeping a far-flung partnership dynamic and vibrant at the beginning of its third decade of engagement as the world of scholarly publishing continues evolving at a rapid pace.  Kimberly benefits from the many connections in the far-flung Research4Life partnership, making friends in all sectors of the world-wide information community.