Juliane Schneider

In a long, weird career specializing in metadata, ontologies and discovery, Juliane Schneider has worked in start-ups, industry, publishing and academia. She was the Metadata Librarian for Harvard Medical School and was Team Lead/Data Curator for Harvard Catalyst | Clinical and Translational Science Center. She has coordinated data contributions from 70+ grants dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and mental disorders for Sage Bionetworks, and is currently working on large language models, data architecture and research infrastructure design at PNNL. Throughout her career, Juliane has seen metadata change from a limited set of descriptors manually attached to an item, to a powerful network of information controlling not only description but data behavior and semantically complex transactions.

Juliane held leadership roles in Special Libraries Association and the Research Data Alliance. She is a certified Carpentries Instructor and taught workshops on data management at libraries across North America and Ireland. She is currently participating in FAIR initiatives and is a member of GO FAIR-US and FAIRPoints.