Jasper Simons

Jasper Simons is the Chief Publishing Officer of the American Psychological Association. At the APA, Jasper is responsible for driving strategy, establishing editorial policies, producing content, developing products and overseeing the related sales and marketing services.

He manages a team of almost 200 expert staff in APA’s Washington, DC office. In 2017, he led the collaboration with the Center for Open Science to support Open Science and Reproducibility in psychology.

The collaboration advances the integration between the content in the Open Science Framework and the peer-reviewed content of the APA.

Jasper is on the Crossref board and served on the Executive Committee of the AAP/PSP board. Jasper is also a member of the Standards & Technology Committee of the STM Association.

Jasper has 20 years of experience in scholarly publishing, working at leading publishing organizations such as Elsevier, SAGE Publications and Thomson Reuters.