Amanda Sulicz

Amanda Sulicz is the Publishing Ethics Specialist for IEEE. In this role, Amanda is responsible for upholding the integrity of the scholarly record by assisting with investigations and working with IEEE’s volunteers to resolve ethics and plagiarism allegations.

Prior to joining IEEE in 2023, Amanda started her publishing career in 2019 at AIP Publishing. Initially, she was as an Associate Editor where she made first editorial decisions and handled the peer review process for manuscripts submitted to AIPP’s flagship journal, Applied Physics Reviews. While serving as an Associate Editor, Amanda was involved in expanding the journal portfolio through the launch of two new titles, Biophysics Reviews and Chemical Physics Reviews. In 2021, Amanda transitioned into the role of Journal Manager for AIP Advances where she was responsible for the journal’s strategic and financial success. Simultaneously, Amanda worked to support the expansion of AIPP’s Open Access portfolio by helping to launch 3 new Gold Open Access journals.

Amanda is passionate about contributing to the scientific and publishing communities through DEI initiatives and serving as a mentor and guest speaker at her undergraduate and graduate universities. She was one of the founding members of AIP Publishing’s DEI Committee and has continued to serve on the DEI Committee at IEEE as one of the Publications representatives. Before starting her career in publishing, Amanda worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the lab of Dr. Kirk S. Schanze upon the completion of her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in 2017.