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Elsevier’s resource Monkeypox Information Center is categorized into four sections: clinical information, research, vaccination and public health resources.

The clinical information is gathered into the Elsevier Healthcare Hub which holds “evidence-based clinical resources, including clinical overviews, patient education, and drug monographs.”

Their Monkeypox related content is also available free to read on ScienceDirect.

Elsevier will continue to add other resources to the Hub page as they become available.

Access Elsevier’s full and growing Monkeypox Information Center.

Springer Nature has created a resource hubMonkeypox in Focus—providing free access to the latest research on monkeypox.

They provide curated collections includes research articles, reviews and commentary covering the basic biology of monkeypox infection, its detection, methods to prevent infection, treatment approaches and the viruses evolution. 

Through BMC, they have also collected “Monkeypox research highlights“and are encouraging “early sharing of research submitted to all our journals through preprints” while also strongly urging authors submitting articles related to this emergency to BMC journals to share underlying interim and final research datasets relating to the outbreak as rapidly and widely as possible.”

Access Springer Nature’s full and growing Monkeypox In Focus hub.

Taylor & Francis has launched a research portal — Monkeypox Outbreak 2022 — that houses free to access articles and book chapters related to monkeypox. 

They have organized resources into the following categories: latest research and insights, origins and background of the outbreak, transmission and spread, treatment, vaccine research, vaccination strategy, tackling health-related stigma, health communication and media; and support and resources from health organizations. 

Additionally, Taylor & Francis offers its Press Pass service to journalists and bloggers granting them access to more than 4 million peer-reviewed academic articles, including any associated with monkeypox.

Access the portal at Taylor & Francis.

Via its Monkeypox Resources for Health Professionals, Wolters Kluwer is providing free resources and clinical information to clinicians, nurses, and medical researchers. Resources will be updated as new information becomes available.

Among the free resources provided are:

Access it: Monkeypox Resources for Health Professionals.

Monkeypox Research from Wiley provides a curated selection of recent peer-reviewed publications to “help researchers, clinicians, and the general public apply insights from scientific, peer reviewed research to support high quality patient care, and accelerate research and discovery.”

This online collection reflects Wiley’s “efforts to update the current monkeypox nomenclature and related communications to adopt terms that do not discriminate against or stigmatize sexual orientation, region, or race.”

Research has been organized by date, with a robust Monkeypox Collective Background archive, with resources made available from as far back at 1966. 

Access it: Monkeypox Research from Wiley

Karger has compiled a free virtual article collection titled “Monkeypox in Context” that features previously published articles and a book. The collection explores the historical background of monkeypox, giving a new perspective on the current outbreak.

For example, the book “Human Monkeypox,” written by Zdenék Jezek and Frank Fenner in 1988, demonstrates to younger virologists how the virus was studied prior to PCR and easy access to genome testing.

The collection also includes a new preface by Prof. Jean-Claude Manuguerra, “Rapid mobilisation against an old acquaintance with a new face.” 

Publisher Blog Posts on Monkeypox

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