STM Welcomes Report of the Finch Group into Expanding Access to Research Publications in the UK

June 18, 2012

19 June 2012.

STM welcomes the package of measures recommended by the Finch Group on expanding access to research publications in the UK which are set out in the Finch Report released today.

STM CEO Michael Mabe said: “Finch demonstrates how the combination of pragmatic approaches and evidence-based policy development can yield acceptable outcomes for the UK public, for UK researchers and for the publishing community. STM hopes that other international discussions on open access can be informed by this process.”

STM believes that the principal recommendations of the Finch Report will be widely supported by its members. We particularly welcome the recognition (page 4) of the journal’s “key role in the complex ecology of research” and the acknowledgement by the report: that a transition to open access will happen over a number of years and incur extra costs in the interim; that there will be an on-going need for a mixed economy of licensing, self-archiving and open access publication; and that this will require close collaboration between government, funders, universities and publishers.



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