New International Identifier Connects the Right Person with the Right Credentials

December 21, 2011

December 12, 2011 (New Providence, NJ) – More than 45 million people “like” Stefani Germanotta’s Facebook page and a similar number count themselves as fans of the internationally renowned author/singer/songwriter Roosevelt Gook. While instantly recognizable under their stage identities, Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan are far more difficult to trace through their real names (or less famous pseudonyms in Dylan’s case). And performers aren’t the only ones changing names: authors often write under multiple names, making it difficult for readers to find their other works. Libraries, too, invest enormous efforts in disambiguating creators and sorting their works. Equally important, especially to the creators themselves, is the ability for organizations administering rights to correctly identify who gets what royalty.
          Now, a cultural industry standards group has created a system that will connect the right information with the right person – no matter which name is being used -- the same way books with similar or even identical titles (think Atlas of the World) move from publisher through to distribution and ultimately to the buyer with precision – delivering the exact title, author and format.
          “The ISNI will make the job of identifying rightsholders quicker and cheaper,” said Olav Stokkmo, CEO of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) – a founding partner in the ISNI agency. “With less duplication of work, collective management organizations and libraries will find it easier to work together to promote access and reward creators.”

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