STM Japan

Online seminar: The transformation in scholarly publishing:
Research data

27th October 2020

This joint online seminar from the Japan Chapter of STM and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) will explore a variety of topics around research data bringing together funders, academics, governments
representations and those with an interest in scholarly publishing.

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STM (Science & Technology & Medicine) Japan is responsible for coordinating and developing STM Member activities in Japan.
STM (Science & Technology & Medicine) Japanは、日本におけるSTM出版社メンバーの活動の調整や展開を確実に行います。

It exists to:

  • Hear issues of concern from members in Japan
  • Provide input from our Japanese and international members based in Japan into the activities of the Association
  • Provide local networking opportunities virtually or physically
  • Act as liaison between the international community and the national publishing associations

Barbara Kalumenos
Director, STM Public Affairs

Phone:  +49 89 5466 2051
Mobile:  +49 173 57 898 71
Fax:       +49 89 5466 2053

STM Japan Chapter group

The STM Japan Chapter focuses on the Japan territory as a forum for discussions of business developments, public affairs, IPR, and others. The STM Japan Chapter group brings together about 15-18 reprsentatives of international and Japanese STM members.

Members of the STM Japan Chapter Group:

  • Mikio Aoyaki, Nankodo
  • Tony Bocquet (Chair), Springer Nature
  • Tadashi Hase, Wiley
  • Aiko Hosoya, Bureau Hosoya / Thieme
  • Yu Kanehara, Igaku-Shoin
  • Anders Karlsson (Vice Chair), Elsevier
  • Miki Matoba, OUP
  • Osamu Nunokawa, Elsevier
  • Masaaki Osanai, IOP
  • Mark Robertson, Chorus
  • Makoto Suzuki, Wolters Kluwer
  • Satoshi Takano, Mainichi
  • Tomii Toshijuki, CCC
  • Yukako Tsukuda, CUP
  • Shuji Uraguchi, Elsevier
  • Hiromitsu Urakami, Royal Society of Chemistry