Integration of Data and Publications

The Data Publications Pyramid illustrates the most common ways to make data accessible.

Research data comes in many different manifestation forms. Publications have always contained data, usually in a very condensed, processed and summarised way via graphs, tables and illustrations. At the other end of the spectrum is raw data and original data sets which too often remain unaccessible on people's computers, hard disks or in drawers. Many authors add their underlying research data in supplements to journal articles. In disciplines with community supported data archives (examples are Genbank, World Protein Database and Pangaea) researchers can deposit their data in a safe and reKiable way and publishers can ensure persistent links between the data and related publications.

The full report is avaiable for download in the document library and members can read more in the December / January issue of the STM News.

Joint Statement from DataCite and the International Association of STM Publishers on the Linkability and Citability of Research Data

CrossRef joins STM-DataCite Statement

SCHOLIX launched

STM and Research Data are hiring!! We are looking for 2 Research Data Implementation Managers - see here for details!

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