Lisa McAllister

Lisa McAllister is the Vice-President of Professional Publishing and has been with Wolters Kluwer for more than 25 years.

Lisa currently leads the content teams for Medical Education and Training books, as well as the WK Spanish Language program and the AudioDigest Continuing Medical Education content team.  

She has spent most of her career working with various types of referential and subscription-based content in medicine, formerly as a Clinics Editor, Acquisition Editor, Director of Digital Strategy—Medicine, and then Publisher. 

The Medicine teams under Lisa’s guidance are charged with the publication of cutting edge clinical and referential content and the deployment of that content in print and digital platforms. 

Lisa holds a B.S. in English and Technical Writing from The Pennsylvania State University.  Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, she spent several years with the W. B. Saunders Company (now Elsevier).