Jasmin Lange

Jasmin Lange is Chief Publishing Officer at Brill, a medium-size independent academic publisher founded in 1683. As member of the management board, she leads a team of 100 editorial staff and is responsible for Brill’s publishing strategy. She started her career at Brill in 2011 as Assistant Editor and later specialized as Director Business Development in M&A and open access. Before joining Brill, she worked in various positions in academia, publishing and book trade. She holds a PhD in book history from the University of Mainz and a master’s degree in business management. Before joining the STM board in 2019 she was a member of the STM Policy and Advocacy Committee and the ALPSP Council. She currently serves on the board of STM, the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and the HSS division of NWO, the Dutch national funding body.

Jasmin is an advocate for publishing excellence in the humanities and social sciences. She is committed to working with other stakeholders to improve the distinct publishing infrastructure for HSS communities. Having worked closely with many small and medium-size publishers, she values their community-driven ethos, flexibility, and innovative power. Preserving a diverse publishing landscape and improving the cooperation among all academic partners were two of her key aims while serving on the STM Board. She promotes a fast, fair and transparent transition to open access for all research fields as set forth in her well-received Scholarly Kitchen article Plan S and Humanities Publishing.