Hilaire Diarra

Hilaire Diarra is the co-founder of the The Journal Scientifique et Technique du Mali (JSTM), based in Mali, West Africa.

Hilaire will be speaking about the publishing work in Africa in general but specifically in Mali – he will share some of the challenges that African publishers face and how they perceive the global publishing industry in terms of diversity and inclusion. He has a few recommendations to make to improve the current situation.

The Journal Scientifique et Technique du Mali (JSTM) is a publishing company established in Mali in West Africa since August 2016. It specializes in collecting, editing and disseminating scientific information to the general public in Mali especially youth population. For this it uses a number of media consisting of printed and digital press, and short motivational videos (e.g. café scientifique).

Publications cover mainly Land and Natural resources, Health, Environment for now and is done through our website (www.jstm.org), a monthly magazine (printed and digital), and a number of science events. We aspire to use also radios and TV programs at a later stage. Revenue of the company is generated through sales of science articles, sponsorships and research grants.