Coronavirus (Covid-2019)

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As the situation with the Wuhan coronavirus continues to develop rapidly, STM’s members have been responding to the global health epidemic by making relevant research quickly and freely available.

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American Chemical Society
Chemistry in Coronavirus Research – Free to read collection


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Focus on Coronavirus




Coronavirus resources



Novel Coronavirus Information Center


Free content related to Coronavirus and the management of epidemics

Engineering a novel endopeptidase based on SARS 3CLpro

Current and future developments in the treatment of virus-induced hypercytokinemia

Future treatment strategies for novel Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection

Verification and diagnostic evaluation of the RealStar® Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (N gene) reverse transcription-PCR kit 1.0

Human coronavirus NL63: a clinically important virus?

Middle East respiratory syndrome: pathogenesis and therapeutic developments

Membrane binding proteins of coronaviruses

STAT3 roles in viral infection: antiviral or proviral?

Post-translational modifications of coronavirus proteins: roles and function

Is regulation preventing the development of therapeutics that may prevent future coronavirus pandemics?

Host resilience to emerging coronaviruses

What needs to be done to control the spread of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus?

Development of SARS vaccines and therapeutics is still needed
CXCR2 signaling and host defense following coronavirus-induced encephalomyelitis

Recent developments in anti-severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus chemotherapy     

Renin–angiotensin system in human coronavirus pathogenesis

Immunotherapy of SARS based on combinations of neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies

Is systems biology the key to preventing the next pandemic?

Unraveling the complexities of the interferon response during SARS-CoV infection

Coronaviruses: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Human neutralizing antibodies against MERS coronavirus: implications for future immunotherapy



Coronaviruses as encephalitis – Inducing infectious agents

Structural and functional aspects of viroporins in human respiratory viruses: Respiratory syncytial virus and coronaviruses

Bats, bat-borne viruses, and environment changes



Oxford University Press
Free access to resources on Coronavirus

JAMA Network
Coronavirus Resource Center


Microbiology Australia

Persistent or long-term coronavirus infection in Australian bats

Laboratory accidents and breaches in biosafety – they do occur!

Bat viruses and diseases

The interplay between viruses and the immune system of bats

Bat and virus ecology in a dynamic world

The movement of humans and the spread of Salmonella into existing and pristine ecosystems


Royal Society of Chemistry
Coronavirus articles - free to access collection

Novel Coronavirus


Taylor & Francis
Coronavirus reading list



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Wolters Kluwer
Coronavirus Resources & Tools
Nursing Center – 2019 Novel Coronavirus