STM 2022 Board Election Results

STM thanks all the candidates for their work and support of STM and the industry. The new elected Board members are:

3 “Undesignated”

  • Steven Heffner, IEEE
  • Jasmin Lange, Brill
  • Nandita Quaderi, Clarivate

1 “Large Company”

  • Judy Verses, Elsevier

1 “Not for Profit Company”

  • Ella Colvin, Cambridge University Press

Ratification of the newly elected Board Members will take place at the Annual General Meeting on 17 October 2022


The 2022 STM Election Oversight Committee

  • Colette Bean, American Physiological Society
  • Samuel Goodchild, Springer Nature
  • Mandy Hill, Cambridge University Press (Chair)

Any questions, please contact Kim Beadle: