Enforcement Task Force

STM publishers started the Enforcement Task Force ('ETF') as an informal group in 2004.The ETF was established in 2007 as the enforcement arm of the STM Copyright and Legal Affairs Committee.

The ETF was created because STM members expressed their need for joint and co-ordinated enforcement activities against institutions and companies that massively infringe protected content. Joint action is necessary to face growing international threats of infringing journal and eBook content (world-wide, cross-border delivery) and to constructively address the political aspect of these enforcement activities.

Our purpose:

  • Rights and contract management are core to STM members' business and the industry
  • Protecting rights and identifying risks benefit the entire STM industry
  • There is a need for industry-led response to new forms of piracy and sensitive or complex copyright cases

Our track-record (2007-2013):

  • We have secured €11.2 million+ in damages and settlements
    - with a very favourable direct legal cost/settlement ratio of 1:5
  • There are even greater multiplier effects:
    - Established level playing field for document delivery
    - Improved copyright compliance among customers
    - We have earned respect for laws by intermediaries and platforms
    - We have added credibility with lawmakers

Our mission and budget (2014-2016):

  • Evaluating and identifying piracy risks - online and cross-border infringements
  • Clarifying electronic publishing rights, settling complex laws, set precedents
  • Setting targets based on results and STM member feedback

The Enforcement Task Force meets on a regular basis to discuss the overall program, investigation results, and strategies and tactics with respect to negotiations and discussions.  Members currently actively involved are:

  • Guido Herrmann, John Wiley & Sons (Chair)
  • Joe Appel, Massachusetts Medical Society
  • Tracey Armstrong, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Libby Baulch, Copyright Agency
  • Christine Bennett, The American Physiological Society
  • James Bennett, Copyright Licensing Agency
  • Juliet Binns, Cambridge University Press
  • Susann Brailey, American Institute of Physics
  • Duncan Campbell, John Wiley & Sons
  • Patsy Day, Oxford University Press
  • Mark Dennis, Informa Group
  • Paul Doda, Elsevier
  • Sarah Fricker, IOP Publishing
  • Fred Haber, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Roy Kaufman, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Michael Mabe, STM
  • Cornelia Manschadi, George Thieme Verlag
  • Jack Ochs, American Chemical Society
  • Jane Picking, Wolters Kluwer Health
  • Andrew Richardson, Wolters Kluwer Health
  • Tracy Roberts, Taylor & Francis
  • Mark Seeley, Elsevier
  • Eric Slater, American Chemical Society
  • Matthew Stratton, Elsevier
  • Mark Taylor, Springer Nature
  • Elisabeth Traugott, Cambridge University Press
  • Mark Walford, SAGE Publishing
  • Andrew Wible, Wolters Kluwer Health
  • Jonathan Wiggins, IEEE

Outside Counsels

  • Carlo Scollo Lavizzari, Lenz Caemmerer
  • André Myburgh, Lenz Caemmerer
  • Damian Schai, Lenz Caemmerer

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